How To Catch Nymble In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

The Great Crater of Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is full of unique creatures that the players can find and catch to increase their collection. You can find all these creatures open in the wild.

Nymble is a small creature that looks like a bee or bug which evolves into the Lokix later in his life at level 24. He is weak to Fire and Rocks. Among other pokemon, Nymble can be your first choice because you can get it really early in the game.

While looking for Nymble, you will explore many new regions in Pokemon SV. The following guide will tell you where to go exactly to increase your Pokemon collection.

Nymble location in Pokemon SV

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can easily find Nymble because of its high spawn rate. You can begin your hunt to catch the Nymble shortly after beginning the game as opposed to others that require catching the beginner Pokemons first.

You can catch Nymble in the favorite biomes of Nymble which are Grass and Mountain Biome. These biomes have the highest odds of getting the Nymble compared to other regions.

The following regions have the best chance of encountering Nymble:

  • South Region (Area Three)
  • West Region (Area One)

In Pokemon SV, there are also some regions where you will find the Nymble with low odds. These regions are Northeast of Cascaraffar City and Asado Desert. Nymble is friends of Tera Raid Battle and you will find both creatures in the same region.

Once you are in any of the above-mentioned regions, you can catch the Nymble at any time of the day. Once spotted, the process of catching this pokemon is exactly the same as other ones.

Nymble looks exactly like a bumblebee, and it is easy to miss a creature of this size. Therefore, it’s best to always keep your eyes peeled and zoom in when required with the help of the right stick.

Nymble abilities and stats


In Pokemon SV, you can use this ability on any bug-related move to increase the damage done to the opponent by 50%. Swarm ability will only work when the enemy HP is below 1/3.

Tinted Lens

This application of the Tinted Lens is very vague. It doubles the damage done on any move that is not effective in inducing damage.


We have also listed all the stats of Nymble in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so that you can access its abilities before catching it.

  • HP: 33
  • Attack: 46   
  • Defense: 40
  • Special Attack: 21
  • Special Defense: 25       
  • Speed: 45

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