Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon QR Codes List – Scan To Unlock All Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes with different unlockable Pokemon. These Pokemon can be accessed once you reach a certain point in the game and are able to scan QR codes in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Once you reach the point where the QR Scanner is available to you. You can access the scanner via the Pokedex to scan real life codes to unlock rare Pokemon in the game itself.

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How you can do this? Well, scanning the QR codes means using your Nintendo 3DS camera. The camera allows you to read the QR code that provides access to different kinds of Pokemon in Sun and Moon.

Every Pokemon has its own unique QR code and once you are have scanned the code, the game will indicate the possible location where a new Pokemon may spawn.

You need to keep in mind that once you have scanned ten codes, you can do an Island Scan that can possibly reveal locations for more Pokemon. You also need to know that only 10 codes can be scanned per day and you will only have one shot at catching the Pokemon that spawned via the code you used.

Pokemon Sun and Moon QR Codes List


Pokemon Sun / Moon QR Codes

Pokemon QR Codes will allow you to find Pokemon that aren’t usually spotted in the Alola region. You can also grab different Legendary Pokemon in Sun and Moon. However, it is important to note that not all legendaries are available in both versions of the game. There are version-exclusive Pokemon as well.

Head over to the link above to read more about Pokemon Sun and Moon legendaries locations. If you have any questions regarding Pokemon Sun and Moon Unlockable Pokemon, take to the comments below.

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