Pokemon Sun and Moon Leafon Evee Evolution – How to Get

One of the cool things you can do in Pokemon Sun and Moon is getting the Pokemon Sun and Moon Leafon Evee Evolution. The answer to how to get the Leafeon Evee evolution has been right in front of your eyes all this time but you might have missed it. No worries we are going to tell you where you went wrong and how you can get the Leafeon Evee evolution.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Leafon Evee Evolution

Getting the Leafeon Evee evolution is fairly simple. You need to go to the lush jungle close to route 8. You can fly there to save time. After you get there what you need to keep your eyes open for is the big rock covered with moss. When you interact with the rock you will also be given a notification that it is covered in moss so that is a good clue to look out for.

After you have interacted with the big moss covered rock you will need to explore until you encounter a wild Pokemon. Make sure you have Evee with you. Once you have defeated the Pokemon your Evee will level up a few times, if it is a lower level Evee and then you will automatically get your Leafeon Evee evolution.

The main thing here is to level up your Evee after you interact with the moss covered rock. You can either do that by battling wild Pokemon or using an item. That is up to you. when you level up your Evee you will be able to get the Leafeon Evee evolution.

So you can see here how easy it has to overlook the big moss covered rock because it seems to have no importance in the game. That is where you were wrong. But now you know how to get your Leafeon Evee evolution, so all is well that ends well.

This is all we have on our Pokemon Sun and Moon Leafon Evee Evolution. Hope this guide was helpful!

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