Pokemon Sun and Moon Glaceon Eevee Evolution – How to Get

Pokemon Sun and Moon Glaceon Eevee Evolution is one of the coolest evolutions in the game which is what we have described in this guide.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Glaceon Eevee Evolution is one of the coolest evolutions in the game but many people do not know how to get the Glaceon Eevee evolution. Here we are going to tell you how you can do that.

Once you are near the end of the game and are headed towards the elite four you will find yourself on the Alola island in the Alola region. The specific area will be close to the Pokemon league so it is up to you whether you want to get the Glaceon Eevee evolution before defeating the Pokemon league or after.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Glaceon Eevee Evolution

When you go inside the mountain, on your way you will find a rock covered in ice. You have to go to the rock and interact with it. After you do that a dialogue box will appear. After you have read through the dialogue box what you need to do is keep going through the cave until you encounter a wild Pokemon.

Be sure that you do not have repel on otherwise you will not be able to encounter the Pokemon. Also, the Eevee needs to be in your party in order for the Glaceon Eevee evolution to work. After you encounter the Pokemon you need to defeat it and you will automatically get the Glaceon Eevee evolution.

If your Eevee is at a lower level then it can take some time as doing this process will get you a lot of experience and it might take some time for your Eevee to go through all the levels and get to the Glaceon Eevee evolution. But once you have gone through all the level up notifications you will finally have your Glaceon Eevee evolution.

That is how you can get the Pokemon Sun and Moon Glaceon Eevee Evolution in the game. Hope this was helpful!

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