Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire PokeNav Plus Guide – AreaNav, BuzzNav, PlayNav

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire PokeNav Plus tips for AreaNav, BuzzNav and PlayNav.

You would remember the Pokemon Navigator from previous games in the series. The same feature is there in Pokemon Oega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire too, only this time it has been revamped to PokeNav Plus.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire PokeNav Plus

In total, the PokeNav Plus has four different features namely the DexNav, AreaNav, BuzzNav and PlayNav. Each one of them has specific uses like finding Pokemon in the wild, finding bases and berries, trading, battling and so on.


A sister app to PokeDex, the DexNav is going to help you locate wild Pokemon better than PokeDex can. Here’s how it works.

Pokemon Registration
Pokemon will be registered with PokeDex and Dexnav through the conventional method, when you encounter them in the wild. Moreover, they will also get resitered if you see any Pokemon anywhere in the world i.e. even if you see them flying over the region.

Progressing Forward
You will be able to check for the presence of wild Pokemon in every area where you are using the DexNav – the Pokemon will appear on the map if you have encountered it before. If you manage to get ahold of all the Pokemon there are in any area you get a gold stamp.

Hidden Pokemon
You can also spot Hidden Pokemon in the game, they will sometimes be partially visible from tall grass or seen in the water splashing about.

Encountering them will require stealth and sneaking so that you can get to them from behind quietly. These Pokemon could have rare moves or abilities.

Detective Mode
DexNav will let you locate for a given specie of Pokemon in the wild if you have captured one of them. The more Pokemon you encounter the greater the search level will be. Hence, you will get more information prior to battles.


Unlike the DexNav, this app focuses on finding more than just Pokemon. Using AreaNav you can find berries, secret bases, trainers, specific locations and of course Pokemon.

This is where you can learn all about different locations in the game like Routes, Facilities and the Towns. If you have visited a place before you can fly there if the Pokemon is acquainted with the flying HM.

Using this feature you can go to an area and then find out what and how many Pokemon are there for you to encounter in the given area on the map.

Trainer’s Eye
This is where you can look at the Trainers in an area that you can battle. Of course you also get to know more about their Pokemon and their readiness for battling you.

Secret Bases
This lets you locate all the secret bases that you have found in the game.

you can keep a check on your berry trees using this feature. You will get to see where they are located and what their status is. Of course you would know how important berries are!


BuzzNav has features of its own, it lets you stay connected to the world of Pokemon by keeping you updated with the events and news.

StreetPass News
This features keeps you updated regularly on news as you progress through the game and pass players. A mark in the top right corner will inform you on encountering a Pokemon with the StreetPass.

TV Shows
The shows that were there in the previous games in the series are also there in Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire. BuzzNav will let you watch them for instance the ones about Pokemon Contests, Interviews, Secret Bases and Name Rater.


The features present in PlayNav actually make it a very important app among the rest. It actually gives you access to Super Training, Pokemon-Amie and Player Search System.

Player Search System
Player Search System, or PSS for short, is actually a system in the game that brings you battles and trading. This where you can use the O-Powers, the Wonder Trade option for random Pokemon trade, or just trade with friends, players passing by and so on. You can also use it to put up a Pokemon for the Global Trade Station.

This is actually your very own pet that allows you to stay connected with the Pokemon world. You feed Poke Puffs to the Pokemon, pet them right, play mini-games and so on.

Super Training
This feature lets you keep track of the stats of your Pokemon as well as mange them. You can take on the training to improve Effort Values.

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