How to Train Your Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

How to train your Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - increase stats, training tips and combat.

Learning about the stats, strengths, weaknesses and nature of a Pokemon is essential to become a master trainer. Each species’ has its own strengths and characteristics which influence their stats and the outcome of each battle.

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Base stat is a very crucial number which impacts a Pokemon’s final stats on its summary page. Just like a species strengths determine its final Attack stat in a battle, so does the base stat. a zigzagoon with a attack stat of 0 will be considerably weaker than one with a attack stat of 100 even though they are from the same species. The stats can be further divided into two categories, Individual Values (IVs) and Effort Values (EVs). Its the IVs that set each pokemon apart from the others since its a random number,mostly between 0 and 31, applied to the stats upon obtaining a pokemon.

Base stats can be increased by making Pokemon participate in battles or simply using the Super Training feature from the PlayNav app. The super training doesn’t upgrade the base stats directly, instead it upgrades a pokemon’s EVs. There is limit to the total EVs a pokemon can acquire, approximately 510 spread out across all six stats. Gaining 4 EVs for a particular stat raises the base stat by 1 point for example if a pokemon gains 4 Effort Values after super training for Speed, it will gain one Speed point for its base stats.

Each time players defeat a Pokemon, their own Pokemon which took part in the battle will earn a set number of points for a certain base stat, which depends on the species of the Pokemon they defeated.

Horde Encounters and using attacks that deal damage to multiple Pokemon at once are very useful in gaining base stat quickly. Using items during battle can also increase the rate at which base stats are gained, these items however have no effect during Super Training.

There is one side to these items though, they decrease the speed of the Pokemon who is using them by half the original amount.

Macho Brace: doubles all stat gains earned through battle

  • Power Weight: adds an extra 4 points to HP stat for each Pokemon defeated
  • Power Bracer: adds an extra 4 point to Attack stat for each Pokemon defeated
  • Power Belt: adds an extra 4 point to Defense stat for each Pokemon defeated
  • Power Lens: adds an extra 4 point to Sp. Atk stat for each Pokemon defeated
  • Power Band: adds an extra 4 point to Sp. Def stat for each Pokemon defeated
  • Power Anklet: adds an extra 4 point to Speed stat for each Pokemon defeated

Players can turn on Exp. Share to make sure all the Pokemon who share exp through battles also earn base stats, this helps in quickly raising the stats for multiple Pokemon at once.

There is another way to speed up the base stat gain, by allowing your Pokemon to be exposed to the Pokerus virus. The virus is acquired randomly from the wild and disappears after a few days. The virus spreads to Pokemon positioned next to the infected one on the team.

Whenever a Pokemon contracts the virus, players should move it to PC Box as that way the Pokemon will retain the virus. They can then occasionally take it out and position it next to the Pokemon they want to train, and the virus will spread.

If however a player accidentally increases a base stat they didn’t want to, they can just reset it by using a Reset Bag, which reduces all stats to zero, which can be found through Super Training.

Apart from this bag, there are a few berries which reset specific stats slightly. These berries are available from the Berry Master on Route 123 or from the young girl in Sootopolis.

  • Pomeg Berry: lowers HP stat slightly
  • Kelpsy Berry: lowers Attack slightly
  • Qualot Berry: lowers Defense slightly
  • Hondew Berry: lowers Sp. Atk slightly
  • Grepa Berry: lowers Sp. Def slightly
  • Tamato Berry: lowers Speed slightly

By increasing base stats, players can create a Pokemon they desire.

They can either choose to max out a specific few stats like Blaziken’s HP and Sp. Atk to make it a killing machine or improve upon weaknesses such as Swampert’s Defense and Sp. Def stats.

Players can also train Pokemon in such a way that they receive small boosts to all base stats in order to make a Pokemon fit for all types of situations.

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