Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire Super Training Guide

Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire Super Training tips to help you train your Pokemon for combat and increase stats.

Super training is an extremely useful feature for Pokemon trainers, especially the competitive players. It allows players to raise the base stats of their pokemon through the two different training modes: core training and super-training regimen.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire Super Training

To properly raise strong Pokemon, players need to have an understanding of all the stats. While basic stats like HP, Defense, and Attack do increase as the Pokemon levels up, each stat’s value is also affected by the base stats.

Core training allows players to simply use the Touch Screen to punch training bags in order to improve the stats. Players can sometimes get special training bags this way as well as rewards for completing super training regimens.

Special Training Bags

  • HP Bag S: punching increases the HP stat slightly.
  • HP Bag M: punching increases the HP stat by a fair amount.
  • HP Bag L: increases the HP stat by a large number.
  • Attack Bag S: trains the Attack stat slightly.
  • Attack Bag M: trains the Attack stat by a fair amount.
  • Attack Bag L: increases the Attack stat by a large amount.
  • Defense Bag S: increases Defense slightly.
  • Defense Bag M: increases Defense by a fair amount.
  • Defense Bag L: increases Defense quite a lot.
  • Sp. Atk Bag S: trains the Sp. Atk slightly.
  • Sp. Atk Bag M: trains the Sp. Atk a fair amount.
  • Sp. Atk Bag L: increases Sp. Atk quite a lot.
  • Sp. Def Bag S: trains the Sp. Def slightly.
  • Sp. Def Bag M: trains the Sp. Def a fair amount.
  • Sp. Def Bag L: increases Sp. Def quite a lot.
  • Speed Bag S: increases Speed slightly.
  • Speed Bag M: increases Speed a fair amount.
  • Speed Bag L: increases Speed stat quite a lot.
  • Strength Bag: successful shots award more points in the Pokemon next Super Training Regimen.
  • Toughen-Up Bag: makes the Balloon Bots’ shots less effective in next Super Training Regimen.
  • Swiftness Bag: makes the Pokemon quicker in its next Super Training Regimen.
  • Big-Shot Bag: makes it easier to hit the goals in next Super Training Regimen.
  • Double-Up Bag: base stat increase is double in the next Super Training Regimen.
  • Reset Bag: resets a Pokemon base stats so players can train it again from the beginning.
  • Soothing Bag: makes Pokemon slightly more friendly towards the trainer.

Players can leave their Pokemon to auto train in the Core Training mode during which it will hit the bag once per minute. If players want to speed things up, they can just keep on tapping the screen to speed up the time.

The Strength, Toughen-Up, Swiftness, Double-Up and Big-Shot bag apply to the next training regimen after using the bag however only one bag can be active at a time, the one last used before starting the Super Training Regimen.

Higher level Pokemon can help power raising the weak ones by collecting lots of special bags from their own higher level training; these bags can then be used on weaker ones.

Super Training Regimens
These regimens have three basic levels and each one contains six stages designed to increases each of the six Pokemon stats. The higher the regimen level, the higher will be the challenge and the rewards.

Once players have maxed out all the stats of a Pokemon, they will unlock the final 12 stages of the training program. Players need to progress through each one of the in an order and then take on the final stage, the ultimate test.

The main mode in Super Training is like sports mini game.

Player’s Pokemon faces against a team of Balloon Bots. Players have to dodge the balls thrown by these bots by using the Circle Pad to dodge them while tapping the touch screen to shoot their own balls into the enemy goal to score points.

Getting hit by an enemy ball reduces the score and players need to reach the required score before the time runs out.

The white goals are common and disappear once players hit them, or after a certain amount of time but not before flashing orange. The red goals however are rare and don’t vanish upon being hit.

They stay active for a period of time allowing players to rake up lots of points by hitting them. A circular energy meter appears in the bottom of the screen.

The meter indicates the energy of the Pokemon, when the meter is empty, it can only shoot regular gray balls while with some stored energy, pokemon can use Energy Shots of different colors.

Players can tap the screen once to fire single shot or tap continuously for a volley, which of course uses more energy. Players can also use a Charged Shot by pressing on the touch screen with the stylus and holding down to charge each shot.

There are five types of Energy Shots:

  • Black Balls: these are the average energy shots and can be fired in quick succession.
  • Yellow Balls: they have low power, average speed and small size but consume less energy as well.
  • Orange Balls: they have average speed and energy consumption while the power is weak but since the shot size is large, they are less likely to miss.
  • Green Balls: these shots are slow but slightly bigger In size along with high power. This of course means they consume more energy too.
  • Blue Balls: these balls are small and fast but consume a lot of energy to deliver an average amount of power.

As players progress, challenge increases and the use of Barriers becomes very important. Players need to be always at the ready and put up or drop down their barriers at just the right time.

Balloon Bots have their own barriers as well and these need to be taken down really quick or they will block shots. Bitbots are small pieces of data which the Balloon Bots can spawn to aid them during the training.

They may seem harmless but they actually shoot at Pokemon as well as block shots intended for Balloon Bot’s goals. These bots regenerate over time so players need to be careful. They can be temporarily disabled with a well-aimed shot.

As players continue through the stages, their Pokemon gains rewards and at the end a fully trained Pokemon becomes a Supremely Trained Pokemon. Completion rewards not only include training bags but also items like Leaf Stones and Star Dust along with many other rare ones.

Through continuous training, the base stats of each Pokemon will grow which means they perform even better in Super Training Regimens. Each base stat offers a different advantage which is listed below:

  • HP: size of Pokemon’s shots is increased making it easier to hit targets.
  • Attack: Pokemon shot power is increased so they earn more points with each hit.
  • Defense: increases the barrier duration as well as energy regeneration.
  • Sp. Atk: increases the power of shots to earn more points.
  • Sp. Def: increases barrier duration and energy regeneration.
  • Speed: allows pokemon to fire shots and move in the field more quickly.

Upgrading all these base stats also reduces the number of points players lose when their Pokemon gets hit by Balloon Bots.

If you find anything confusing, comment and we will help you out!

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