How to Find, Summon and Ride Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In this guide, we'll let you know How to Ride Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus and list the Pokemon you can ride.

A new feature has been added to the series with Pokemon Legends: Arceus that allows you to ride your Pokemon and travel through the Hisui region with ease. In this guide, we’ll let you know how to ride Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus and list the Pokemon you can ride.

How to Ride Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

During your adventure in the Hisui region of Pokemon Legends, you will be given a Celestica Flute that allows you to summon Pokemon that you can ride out in the field.

How to Summon Ridable Pokemon

To use the Celestica Flute, look at the lower-right side of the screen where you will see the Pokemon that you can summon. Press the Left or Right D-Pad button to switch between the Pokemon that you can ride.

How to Summon Ridable Pokemon

When you have decided which Pokemon to summon, click the + button to summon that Pokemon and ride them.

Rideable Pokemon List

There have been five confirmed Pokemon that you can summon and ride in Pokemon Arceus. These are:

Basculegion (Water)

Basculegion is a Water and Ghost-type Pokemon that you can summon in water and use as a boat to cross the lake. You can find rideable Basculegion from Iscan the Warden.

How to Unlock Basculegion
Unlocking Basculegion is easier than it seems because all that is required for you is to prepare its favorite food. Go to Iscan’s home in Cobalt Coastlands and he’ll tell you what he needs to prepare it’s meal.

This meal will lack only one ingredient and that is a Dark Pulse from a Dusclop. Now you must capture the Dusclops and show it to Iscan.

You’ll find Dusclops in the eastern shore of the Cobalt Coastlands at Deadwood Haunt. Dusclops only appears at night so you can either wait with Iscan, wait at camp or simply go to Deadwood haunt when it’s nighttime.

At night you will find multiple Dusclops in the area, try the backstrike to get one easily. Once caught, go back to Iscan and show him the Dusclops.

You’ll see that the Dusclops will be adding finishing touches to the Basulegion’s meal. Afterward, you’ll head down to the coast of Ginko Landing and feed the Basculegion this meal. This will help you befriend Basculegion and grant you the Water Plate.

How to Summon
To summon Basculegion, you’ll walk into the water and then press the + or A button. Once this Pokemon appears, press B to dash and Y to jump. Now press Y for the second time to perform a double jump.

Ursaluna (Ground)

Ursaluna is a Ghost and Ground-type Pokemon that can detect spots with treasure hidden under them. On the spot where it finds the treasure, press Y to start digging. Ursaluna can be used as an alternative to Item Finder or Dowsing Machine.

How to Unlock Ursaluna
You’ll only be able to unlock Ursaluna once you have completed some of the story missions and reached the Crimson Mirelands.

Near the end of the story in the Crimson Mirelands, you will be battling with Ursaluna to calm it down. It would be best if you brought Pokemon that are great at fighting, ice, grass, or water-type moves since these are Ursaluna’s weaknesses.

How to Summon
You can summon Ursaluna after the fight using your Celestica Flute just like Wyrdeer. To ride on Ursaluna use your D-Pad to press left and right. Press Y to dig up treasure.

Sneasler (Mountains)

Sneasler can climb through the mountains with ease while carrying you. Sneasler is a Fighting and Poison-type Pokemon that can climb steep slopes and mountains.

How to Unlock Sneasler
You will unlock Sneasler as part of the main story for Pokemon Legends. Head towards the Coronet Highlands and progress through the main story of the game.

Follow Ingo until you make it to the large mountainside where he will offer to battle you. It would be best for you to use fire, ice, water, and psychic-type Pokémon to deal with Ingo’s Pokemon.

How to Summon
After the fight, Ingo summons Sneasler and Sneasler will become available to ride. To summon him use left or right buttons on the D-pad and once you see his symbol, press the + button to summon it.

An alternative way to summon Sneasler would be to walk up to a nearby cliff and press the A button.

Wyrdeer (Land)

Wyrdeer is a rideable Normal and Psychic-type Pokemon that can travel through land and jump over any obstacles in its way.

How to Unlock Wyrdeer
You can unlock Wyrdeer in two different ways, one is by evolving a Stantler into a Wyrdeer which is not rideable. The rideable Wyrdeer will be unlocked during your quest of finding Kleavor.

On your mission, you’ll find Kleavor’s ward named Lian, he will guide you regarding the Pokemon. Then you’ll have a conversation with Professor Laventon who will help you travel back to Jubilife Village.

Then you’ll have a second meeting with Lian. Once you approach the village you will encounter a member of the Diamond Clan named Mai. She will stop you before you transport to the Heights Camp. This is where you’ll learn about a special Wyrdeer who desires to help you.

How to Summon
Adaman will tell you about the special Wyrdeer who wishes to help you in stopping Kleavor. Then the Diamond Clan members will give you the Celestial Flute, which will help you summon the Wyrdeer. You can ride this deer by simply pressing on the + button.

Hisuian Braviary (Air)

One of the most useful rideable Pokemon in the game is Hisuian Braviary, which allows you to fly through the sky and reach farther destinations in no time. It is a Psychic and Flying-type Pokemon that you can ride and visit places that cannot be accessed by foot.

How to Unlock Braviary
After you have defeated Gaeric, Braviary and Sabi will appear. Sabi will tell you to chase after Braviary and run after her to learn how to control her.

First, she will run off to a faraway cliff but keep following her to the Snowpoint Temple. After entering the temple head to the stairs and move to your far left.

On the second floor, you’ll find statues facing each other, follow these statues. These statues will help you solve the puzzles.

After completing the puzzles, follow the pathway to the room where you’ll run into Sabi. She will challenge you to a battle to check whether you’re worthy of facing Braviary.

Sabi will throw out three Pokemon at once; Magmortar, Electivire, and the Rhyperior. Once you’re done battling, leave the temple and you’ll have one final task at the roof of the temple.

This time, you’ll have to defeat Braviary. Use dark and electric type moves and you’ll be easily able to defeat Braviary. Once the battle is done, you’ll unlock Braviary.