Pokemon Legends Arceus Alpha Kadabra Location, How to Evolve, Type and Abilities

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the latest entry in the long-standing Pokemon franchise. Like every other Pokemon game, your main goal in Legends Arceus remains the same, catch each and every Pokemon to complete your Pokedex. This guide will cover how to find and catch Kadabra in Pokemon Legends Arceus and provide other useful info like Kadabra’s evolutions and abilities.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alpha Kadabra Locations

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, Kadabra can be found in the following locations

  • Sandgem Flats in Obsidian Fieldlands (Alpha Kadabra)
  • Lake Acuity in Alabaster Icelands

Pokemon Legends Arceus Kadabra

How to Catch Kadabra

To catch Kadabra in Pokemon Arceus, head to either Sandgem Flats in Obsidian Fieldlands or Lake Acuity in Alabaster Icelands. Once in the locations, search the open world to spot a Kadabra. Go close to it and then use a Pokeball on it to try and catch it.

Keep in mind that Alabaster Icelands is a high-level area so going there early in the game is a bit risky.

Base Stats

Kadabra has the following stats in Pokemon Arceus

  • HP: 40
  • Attack: 35
  • Defense: 30
  • Special Attack: 120
  • Special Defense: 70
  • Speed: 105

Kadabra Abilities

Kadabra has the following abilities in Pokemon Arceus

Synchronize: If you get a burn, paralysis, or poison status effect from an enemy attack, then the enemy will get affected with the status effect.

Inner Focus: Prevents flinching when getting attacked.

Magic Guard: Protection from taking Indirect damage.

How to Evolve Kadabra

Kadabra is the evolved form of Abra, and it also has one more evolution, in which Kadabra evolves into Alakazam.

Below we have listed all evolutions of Kadabra in Pokemon Legends

  • Abra evolves to Kadabra when level 16 is reached.
  • Kadabra evolves to Alakazam when Linking Cord is used.

The linking cord is a new item that allows players to evolve certain types of Pokemon, including Kadabra. Linking Cord can be purchased at the Trade Post in Jubilife Village, costing 1,000 MP.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As Kadabra is a Psychic-type Psi Pokemon, it is strong Fighting and Psychic-type Pokemon. However, it is weak against Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokemon. Pokemon. Below we have listed some Pokemon against which Kadabra is weak.

  • Giratina Origin is a Ghost and Dragon-type Pokemon.
  • Darkrai is a Dark-type Pokemon.
  • Hisuian Typhlosion is a Fire and Ghost-type Pokemon.
  • Besculegion is a Water and Ghost-type Pokemon.

Kadabra is strong against the following Pokemon

  • Cresselia is a Psychic Type Pokemon.
  • Uxie is a Psychic Type Pokemon.
  • Mesprit is a Psychic Type Pokemon.
  • Infernape is a Fire and Fighting-type Pokemon.

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