Pokemon Go Tips: How to Avoid PokeBall Freeze and Successfully Capture Pokemon

Pokemon Go Tips to helps you avoid the annoying Pokeball Freezes and successfully capture the Pokemon without wasting Pokeballs.

Pokemon Go has already become a phenomenon in countries it has released in. Amassing over 15 million unique players within a week, the location-based augmented reality video game will surely go down in history as one of its kind.

Due to such an overwhelming response, Niantic’s servers took a hit during early launch days, forcing the developers to halt the game’s release in other regions. Furthermore, there are freezing issues popping-up while trying to capture a Pokemon.

This is happening to more than a few mobile phone carriers and brands, especially those using cellular data instead of Wi-Fi. Luckily, there is a simple workaround that you can employ to capture Pokemon without any freezing issues and save your PokeBalls.

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Pokemon Go Tips – PokeBalls Freezing Workaround

While PokeBalls are not hard to come by, if you miss a rare Pokemon or a high CP/HP Pokemon, there is no saying how long will it take for that particular Pokemon to reappear and where.

Another thing that you need to know is that this particular workaround may not work for everyone and is purely hit and miss, but there are 90% chances that you will get your desired Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Tips – PokeBall Freezing Fix

For this method to work, you need to make sure that before you throw your PokeBall, you are able to see the loading icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. If the icons are not there, there are high chances that your game will glitch out and you will lose your Pokemon.

In order to counter it, you should try and wait for about a minute or so and then throw the Pokemon anywhere in the empty space surrounding the Pokemon. Do not throw the PokeBall directly at Pokemon if you cannot see the loading icon.

As soon as you see the loading icon reappear in the upper-left corner of the screen, you should be good to capture the Pokemon. Even if your Pokemon Go freeze and you are forced to force close it, you should have your Pokemon in your PokeDex.

This is all about our Pokemon Go Tips regarding PokeBall freezing issue! Let us know if our little workaround worked for you in the comments section below!

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