Pokemon Go EX Raids Getting Major Alterations

The augmented reality game is getting some notable changes in it’s famed EX raids for the first time ever since their inception last year. These exclusive raids of Pokemon Go will now include a new Pokemon just to start with. Developers are looking to make the arrangement of the Pokemon Go EX raids calmer and cooler than ever.

We will now be seeing much more of the Mythical Deoxys due to it replacing Mewtwo. Mewtwo will be launched through the regular Pokemon Go raids which are going to be as soon as tomorrow for the UK gamers. On the other hand, it might not be possible to make a trade or transfer of some kind for Deoxys given that it is a rare Pokemon.

However, if the developers have decided to change the EX raids after all this time, they might as well allow trading for Deoxys for the sake of bringing a fresh approach towards Pokemon Go. Similarly, the most unique Pokemon existing also include Mew and Celebi which are revealed only through quests unlocks rather than raids.

Moreover, the Pokemon enthusiasts are well aware of the fact that Deoxys can be seen in any one of the 4 formes of it. As of now, developers Niantic have only gone on to confirm that the Normal version of Deoxys will be accessible. Most possibly the Attack, Defense, and Speed formes will be released in the next Pokemon Go updates.

Additionally, the gyms which authorized EX raiders would indeed be mentioned in the game. This would allow the players to carefully distinguish and get an invitation specifically from EX raid gyms. The most common place for a Pokemon Go EX raid gym is public parks but it is certainly not a compulsion.

Besides, invitations can now also be sent to the friends of the Pokemon Go users for calling them to join in through a raid pass which quite a lucky cath for anyone. These invitations could be a real helping hand for the raiding numbers of users. These EX invitation waves would make certain that no player fails to make a raid. Although the real catch here is that to send these invitations to your friends you must be Ultra or Best Friends with each other.

Niantic might be looking to make their Pokemon Go system smooth but they are also going to make your it is foolproof as well. They have previously been on a hunt of anyone catching the Pokemon illegally. They even make sure to overcome third-party apps interfering with their matters.

Source: EuroGamer

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