Pokemon Go Forced Update Shuts Down All Third Party Apps And Websites

Pokemon Go Forced Update is being implemented, that apparently shuts down all available Pokemon Go third-party apps and websites.

According to “gamenguides” almost all Pokemon tracker, scanners, gym hunter and other maps that rely upon accessing Niantic’s server data have become offline.

Pokemon GO version 0.95.3 force update was implemented about 2 days back. We are all already aware of the fact that Niantic has been trying to stop the third-party apps and website that violate the ToS of the game.

Seems to be that with this they just might have stepped up their level, in trying to get rid of those third-party apps.

After the Pokemon Go Forced Update, there have been no claims of working Pokemon Go maps and other tracking sites, but some references have claimed that developers are working to fix the issue and get the scanners online.

Pokemon Go is one of those popular and addictive games that actually got banned in China due to its high anticipation.


The reason being that the game was widely played at such a level that, a lot of accidents were caused by the game, as claimed by the Chinese government.

According to the Chinese authorities, the game was a potential threat to national security, people’s lives, and property. Be that as it may, the Chinese government has lifted the ban recently.

One of the hilarious things regarding the game has been the talks about the Norway Prime Minister playing Pokemon Go. During a meeting with the United States president, the Noway prime minister was caught playing Pokemon Go. On social media, this took a lot of hype as well.

So we can surely understand one thing from all of this that, even though the game is played by masses, Niantic is not willing to let go those third-party apps. Let’s hope this issue gets resolved soon enough.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android devices.