How to Make Money Fast in Pokemon BDSP

In this guide, we will tell you how you can make a lot of money quickly in Pokemon BDSP via the Vs seeker and amulet coin.

Money is really important in Pokemon BDSP as you can use it to get useful items that can stat boost and even level up your Pokemon. In this guide, we will tell you the best ways to make money quickly in Pokemon BDSP.

Best Ways to Farm Easy Money in Pokemon BDSP

In Pokemon BDSP money is called the Poke Dollars. Poke Dollars can be spent on many things, primarily items. Items range from in-battle items like potions and status cures to out-of-battle stat boosters like Vitamins.

However, items like vitamins don’t come cheap. So, you’d want to make lots of money quickly in Pokemon BDSP to remain stocked on battle essentials and Stat boosters.

Let’s look at the best ways to make money in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl below!

Rebattling Rich Trainers

One of the best methods of farming money/ Poke Dollars, is battling and re-battling Specific Trainer NPCs again and again.

If you find trainers that give you loads of cash after being defeated, try battling them again with the Vs. Seeker to gain more money. A particularly good target is the elderly couple at Route 212.

The Vs. Seeker which is given to you during the main story on route 207 after defeating the Gym leader Gardenia.

Additionally, you can fight Double Team Jen and Zac in Route 210. Simply head to Celestic Town for which you need the Hidden Move Defog that guides you to the area, earning around 26,000 Pokedollars or more per battle.

Both Jen and Zac use Gyarados and Raichu that are above level 27. So, make sure the Pokemon you’re using are close to their level.

This method is not the fastest money farming method though. Now we will tell you about an optimized version of the method given above for doubling the amount of Poke Dollars.

Amulet Coin

The first thing you will need to earn money really fast in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is getting the Amulet Coin. For that, you will need to go to Amity Square in Hearthome City via entrance above the Hearthome City Gym. You will reach a tent there.

The Amulet Coin is hiding right there. With Amulet Coin, the amount of money will be double if the Pokemon holding it won the battle. You can get to this location after beating the second gym.

With the Amulet Coin equipped, it’s time to farm up some Poke Dollars in Pokemon BDSP! Battle, again and again, using the Vs Seeker and you’ll be swimming in Poke Dollars in no time.

The maximum amount of Poke Dollars you can collect is 999,999 so once you have it doesn’t waste your time in earning more as no money is going to add into your account once you reach that figure.

Luck Incense

Similar to the Amulet Coin, the Luck Incense also works as a way to make money in Pokemon BDSP. This held item was firstly introduced in Generation IV and is used to double the actual amount of profit earned after each battle.

Grand Underground

Another best yet challenging way to farm money is Pokemon BDSP is by using the Grand Underground. Use the Underground to dig through walls and find vintage items that can be sold for a good profit

Which Pokemon to use in Battle

This will vary depending on the trainers you are farming. Simply select the Pokemon lineup that counters the enemy Pokemon. Preferably those that can one-hit KO enemy Pokemon so that the battles end fairly quickly.

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