How to Use Vs Seeker in Pokemon BDSP

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl the purpose of the Vs. Seeker is to initiate battles with trainers that you already have defeated. In this guide, we will show you how to use Vs Seeker in Pokemon BDSP and make full use of its features.

How to Get Vs Seeker in Pokemon BDSP

As mentioned above you can use the Vs. Seeker to reinitiate trainer battles. But with each consecutive battle, the trainer’s Pokemon will grow stronger.

But where do you get the Vs. Seeker in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in the first place?

The first thing on the agenda is to defeat Team Galactic in Eterna City. Receive the Bicycle from the shop in the same city then head south through the Cycling Road on Route 206.

Ride till you reach Route 207, it is then you will be approached by Professor Rowan’s assistant. It will be either Dawn or Lucas depending on the gender you chose at the beginning of the game for your trainer.

The assistant will hand you a Vs. Seeker and the Dowsing Machine. They may play a little game with you by asking you to choose either their left or right hand. Don’t worry, you will be gifted with both of the items regardless.

Best Place to Use Vs Seeker in Pokemon BDSP

Vs Seeker is a great tool to rechallenge trainers and gym leaders for a rematch in Pokemon BDSP. Even if you have defeated a trainer before, challenging and defeating them again will earn you EXP. This is very useful if you want to level up your Pokemon without traveling too much before you take on the Gym Leaders for a rematch.

While you can challenge any trainer, there are some that are easier to defeat than others so challenging such trainers with Vs Seeker is a good way to farm EXP.

The best places to use Vs Seeker in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl would be

  • Route 210
  • Route 213
  • Route 218
  • Route 223

In these places, you will encounter trainers that have Pokemon extremely weak to Electric and Grass-type moves. We have mentioned details of which trainers to challenge for a rematch with Vs Seeker further in the guide.

Can You Use Vs Seeker in Victory Road?

North to Route 223, there’s a cave called the Victory Road. The cave connects through the top of the Pokemon League and consists of multiple trainers. It’s a standard cave where you interact with different trainers. However, once you’ve earned the National Pokedex, a new section is unlocked, Route 224.

Unfortunately, vs Seeker is unable to be used in caves, buildings and areas where previous trainers are found in Pokemon BDSP. Hence why you can’t use it in Victory Road.

Pokemon BDSP Best Trainers to Rematch

Initially, rematches in Pokemon BDSP are locked. To unlock them you must defeat the Elite Four to become the Champion. Once that’s out of the way, you’ll successfully unlock Gym leader rematches.

Visit Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town, unlock the National Dex and get notified once a rematch is available soon after exiting the lab and freely challenge any Gym leader or trainer for a rematch.

To sum up things, we’ve listed down the best Gym leaders and trainers to challenge for a rematch in Pokemon BDSP

  • Route 223: Sailor Zachariah, Swimmer Wesley.
  • Route 222: Rich Boy Trey, Fisherman Alec.
  • Route 218: Guitarist Tony, Fisherman Miguel.
  • Route 213: Tuber Jarred, Tuber Chelsea.
  • Route 228: Ace Trainer Ariana, Black Belt Davon.

Gym Leader Teams to Rematch

  • Roark: Tyranitar, Aerodactyl, Armaldo, Probopass, Relicanth, Rampardos.
  • Gardenia: Jumpluff, Sunflora, Cherrim, Breloom, Torterra, Roserade.
  • Maylone: Hitmontop, Breloom, Heracross, Infernape, Medichamp, Lucario.
  • Wake: Politoed, Kingdra, Ludicolo, Huntai, Gyrados, Floatzel .
  • Fantina: Drifblim, Banette, Dusknoir, Mismagius, Froslass, Gengar.
  • Byron: Skarmory, Steelix, Magnezone, Empoleon, Aggron, Bastiodon.
  • Candice: Abomasnow, Jynx, Mamoswine, Frolass, Glaceon, Weavile.
  • Volkner: Pelipper, Raichu, Luxray, Lanturn, Jolteon, Electivire.

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