Pokemon BDSP: How to Get Mysterious Shards

Mysterious Shards are important if you want to encounter legendary Pokemon in BDSP. Here's how to get all of them.

One of the most useful items in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are the Mysterious Shards. These Shards are post-game items. This means that you need to defeat Team Galactic, Elite Four, and must have the National PokeDex unlocked.

You’ll be turning in Mysterious Shards at Ramanas Park to trade them for slates to encounter legendary Pokemon. Find and Speak to the woman found behind the counter, located to the left of the building in Ramanas Park. She will exchange each Plate for 3 small Mysterious Shards or 1 large Mysterious Shard.

You may know these Plates as the objects needed to summon Legendary Pokemon within Ramanas Park. Do note that you can’t get all of the legendaries in your game due to version exclusivity. This Pokemon BDSP Myserious Shards location guide covers detailed information on the shards and their locations.

Where to Get Mysterious Shards in Pokemon BDSP

It is of no surprise that Mysterious Shards are a random drop item acquired from the Grand Underground.

Running along the spiraling tunnels, you will find shining spots where you are able to use your tools and mine for treasures!

There is a chance of finding a Mysterious Shard from playing the Fossil Minigame. Upon clearing the rocks away from the wall for a fossil, there is a slight chance of happening upon a shard as well.

Visually they appear as pink with a noticeable yellow in the middle so, you will know when you have dug this treasure up! However, due to its low drop chance, you just need to keep grinding for it.

Fortunately, there is a method of increasing your chances! By collecting the Diglett and Dugtrio found within the Grand Underground, the bonus you receive, for rare items, will be multiplied. You can spot this underneath your map, on the left side.

The higher the number, the higher chances of acquiring a Mysterious Shard and other rare items that you can gain from the Mining Minigame.

Best Place to Farm Mysterious Shards in Pokemon BDSP

Probably the best location to find shards is below Ramanas Park in the Underground (Route 221). The area itself is covered with walls that you can dig into making it the best spot to farm mysterious shards at in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

There will be times when despite receiving max points underground, you won’t get any shards. However, that shouldn’t divert you from digging.

Simply have one pattern in mind and that is to head down underground and dig through walls to find shards and repeat the process until you reach your goal.

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