PlayStation 5 And PSVR Should Be Considered “Essential Together”

Many wondering future of PlayStation console brand with some saying, PlayStation 5 will cloud-based console and some speculating feature a discrete GPU.

With the launch of Xbox one X, many are wondering and speculating the future of the PlayStation console brand with some saying the PlayStation 5 will be cloud-based console and some speculating it will feature a discrete GPU. However, in all of this speculation many forget about PSVR and according to one dev, PS5 and PSVR should be considered together.

According to Harold Vancol, the Creative Director at Grab Games, PlayStation 5 and PSVR shouldn’t just be bundled together but should be considered as one and both pieces of hardware should be essential with one another.

Buying a new console is a big undertaking for a lot of people, and buying the headset that I think people want to see in the future of PlayStation can almost be like buying a new console. So having these purchases separated gives each thing its own time to shine. However, PlayStation 5 and PSVR should be considered essential together.

While some devs consider the next PlayStation to be a full-fledged home console but, some speculate it to be a cloud-based console. According to Final Fantasy 15 director, PS5 will be a cloud-based console along with next Xbox.

According to Tabata, the game consoles will evolve and follow the steps of the film and music industry which has embraced the streaming services.

However, a Sony employee has hinted that PS5 will feature a discrete GPU instead of an APU which makes sense if Sony wants to go the way of native 4K for its console.

Furthermore, Sony Interactive Entertainment itself intends to continue with consoles for a foreseeable future and the company is also considering the direction for PS5.

As for the PSVR, Sony has revealed that it will increase the number of games for PSVR by 80%. According to the company, there are 150 PSVR games in the market and this number will increase to 280 by the end of this year.

Do you think the PS5 and PSVR should be considered as one by Sony? Will VR be the future of gaming? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Tweaktown

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