Patent Suggests Backward Compatibility Is Coming To PlayStation 4

Backward Compatibility is one of the main features keeping Xbox One relevant to gamers and PS4 users have also requested Sony Interactive Entertainment for bringing backward compatibility to PlayStation 4 and it seems like we might be getting it.

According to the Twitter user, Tidux, who also posted an image of a patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment suggesting that the company is testing Backward compatibility for PlayStation 4.

However, the patent doesn’t explicitly say if the backward compatibility is being tested for the PlayStation 4 and the fans are speculating that Sony might be testing it out for PlayStation 5 as PS4 might be near the end of its cycle and PS5 will run PS4, PS3, and PS2 games using the Backward compatibility.

However, the backward compatibility might only be for PlayStation 3 games only as one Twitter user suggests that “timing disrupt processes” suggests that Sony is trying to emulate Cell processing and many of you might remember that PlayStation 3 uses a Cell processor. But, this could be one of the few emulations the backward compatibility might be introducing to PlayStation 4.

In related news, NPD analyst Mat Piscatella has predicted that PlayStation 5 will launch in 2020. “2020 is what I have in my forecast. The data suggest there’s no need to do it earlier. But I’ve been surprised before so I’m as interested in this as anyone.”

While some devs consider the next PlayStation to be a full-fledged home console but, some speculate it to be a cloud-based console. According to Final Fantasy 15 director, PS5 will be a cloud-based console along with next Xbox.


Also, one developer has noted that PlayStation 5 and PSVR shouldn’t just be bundled together but should be considered as one and both pieces of hardware should be essential with one another.

Do you think Sony will be introducing Backward compatibility to PlayStation 4 or are they testing it out for the next PlayStation? Let us know in the comments.

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