PixARK Beginners Guide – Taming, Leveling Up, Crafting, Building, Quests (Tips And Strategies)

PixARK has a lot of different things that you can attempt to do. There is a lot of variation in the game and it can be difficult to figure out everything by yourself. Thankfully, though, you have this PixARK Beginners Guide.

This PixARK Beginners Guide will tell you all about the basics of the game ‘PixARK’. It is quite similar to other games like this in the sense that you have the ability to craft items and harvest them from the world around you. Let’s go ahead and see how to get started with the game.

PixARK Beginners Guide

Head to the game and choose the Creative Mode. This is because the map in the mode will be procedurally generated and it will be different for all players, giving the game a sense of being unique and tailored. Once you land, take a look at the map and read the key on its side to see where to find all of the resources.

The different biomes in the map have different creatures added to them. If you create a map, you can check to see if any of the biomes are missing on the map and which animals will you be missing out on if you keep on playing on that map.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

It is best to recreate the worlds until you get a map that suits you. Once you have that map, go to the menu and recreate yourself to get a character that you like before jumping on the map. This will officially begin your game.

Once you join the game, you will have to discover the map for yourself as the minimap for you will be empty. The first thing that you need to do is to attack the trees to get wood, get the berries from the ground so that you have something to eat and to get some grass. The initial items that you need to make are the pickaxe (for destroying blocks), axe (for getting wood faster) and the wooden stick (for taking out creatures).

Taming Creatures
Taming Creatures in the game is not as difficult as it seems. Simply put, you need to walk up to a creature a place a certain type of food in its inventory. The type of food will vary due to the diverse number of animals available in the game, but you can be assured that our PixARK Taming Guide will cover everything.

Levelling Up
The first thing that you need to level up is your health since it is ridiculously easy to kill you at the earlier stages of the game. You can also use an assortment of various different berries to increase your statistics such as the health. Alternatively, you can find berries for other purposes such as falling asleep.

The best way to level up is to pick up resources. Use the tools as soon as you have them to get the resources.

Getting to Level 6 is important but not that difficult, just continue to pick up resources wherever you can find them. At Level 6, you will be able to get the spear.

Having the spear is really important is it has a range which is longer than almost any other melee weapon in the game. Having a spear will allow you to hunt creatures much easily and thus, level up even faster.

Let us show you how crafting is done by making a spear. To make a spear, you will need wood, fiber, and a rock. A rock can be found if you dig down into the ground.

Rocks should be appearing after you have dug 2 blocks or more.

Once you have the spear, either you can stab someone with it or use right click to throw it about. It can be picked up once it has been thrown to be used again. Once you have the spear, you can trap a turtle in the dirt blocks which should not be that difficult. After that, simply poke at the turtle with your spear to kill it and make yourself level up faster than intended.

Building is quite easy and quite fun in PixARK. Once you have enough resources, Place the foundation from the build menu and then build on them. Remember that ceilings need to be placed on top of the walls and then connected together as opposed to Minecraft where they are automatically connected to each other.

Once you are Level 10, you will be able to begin upgrading your wooden base into a stone one and you will be able to start constructing a bed, which could work as a permanent spawn point for you.

Before we end the guide, remember that you can complete quests to get rewards such as ores. You can check the bottom right of your map for quest markers. The markers will have a different color based on the type of quest they represent, so figure out which quests you like doing and do them to get your rewards.

That is all we have for our PixARK Beginners Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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