PixARK Taming Guide – How To Tame Animals, Passive Method, Knockout Method

Taming animals can be quite an advantageous thing to do in PixARK. The process is not really that difficult either. You can learn how to tame various different animals in just a few minutes, and after that, all you would need is this PixARK Taming Guide and you will be taming animals before you know it.

Our PixARK Taming Guide will tell you how to tame all of the animals that are available in PixARK. We will tell you how to tame animals and what resources do you need in order to tame the animals.

How to Start with PixARK Taming

As is the case with almost all of the games that have a taming concept attached to them, you need to feed the animals something in order to tame them. However, in PixARK, you cannot actually feed the animals but you can place the items in the inventory of the animal in order to tame it.

Let us go ahead and take a look at how to tame animals and what advantages will you get once you have successfully tamed the animal.

How to Tame Animals

Here are the different methods for taming animals in PixARK.

Passive Method
Most of the animals will be passive tames. If you do see an animal that is a passive tame, then all you need to do is to wait until the animal is hungry and then place a berry into its inventory. This will cause the animal to be tamed and you will be able to move on to taming the next animal or towards another objective.

Some animals will be tamed straight away by you such as the rabbit. However, some animals will require you to be at a higher level in order to tame them. This goes all the way up to the Bronto which can only be tamed passively once you are at a Level 70 or above.

Knockout Method
That was the Passive Method for taming animals. You can also use the Knockout Method.

In order to do that, you will require Level 15 so that you can craft some arrows and add some narcotics to it to make it a sleepy arrow. This arrow works against all normal creatures (not Magic Ones) and will put them to sleep. Of course, you will also require a bow to shoot the arrow along with some Wood and Leather.

Find an animal to knockout and shoot it with the Sleepy Arrow. Once the animal is unconscious, you can place the food in its inventory before waiting for it to consume the food that we left for it.

Remember that you cannot use this method on the animals that need to be tamed passively, so be sure you shoot the right animal. A Pteranadon is a great example of an animal you can tame with this method.

You can keep an animal down for a longer amount of time by shooting it with another arrow. Just beware that you can actually kill the animal if you shoot too many arrows into it. Alternatively, you can use a sleeping potion to keep it asleep while it is tamed.

In order to take a magic creature, you will need to use a magic sleepy arrow. Check out our PixARK Magic Guide to further take a look at how to get the magical creatures on your side.

That is all we have for our PixARK Taming Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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