Persona Strikers 5 False God Demiurge Boss Guide

In this guide, we will take a look at how to defeat False God Demiurge in Persona 5 Strikers. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this boss.

In this guide, we will take a look at how to defeat False God Demiurge Boss in Persona 5 Strikers. We will discuss in detail the strengths and weaknesses of both the forms of this boss. This is a very strong boss so we will help you out with strategies that will make defeating him easier.

Persona Strikers 5 False God Demiurge Boss

False God Demiurge is the final boss of the game and seventh if you count from the beginning.

Demiurge became sentient as a result of EMMA application and it has the capability of merging the Metaverse with the real world.

You get the “Walk your own path” silver trophy upon defeating this boss.

As mentioned above there are two forms of the False God Demiurge.

Strengths and Weaknesses
The strengths of the first form are Fire Attacks, Ice Attacks, Electric Attacks, and Wind Attacks. The second form’s strengths are Psy Attacks and Nuke Attacks Icon.

His weaknesses are Bless Attacks and Curse Attacks.

False God Demiurge Skills

Now we will discuss the skills of both the forms of False God Demiurge:

First Form
The skills of the first form are as follow:

Light of Judgement: The first form of False God Demiurge can fire five laser beams both vertically and horizontally.

Homing Beam: With this ability, she can fire a fury of laser that home in on you.

Arrows of Light: She can cover the whole section of the ground with light projectile after raising the panel she holds.

Enclosing Wings: She fires arrows after enclosing the enemy in her wings.

Second Form
The skills of the second form are as follow:

Maragidyne: Can rarely burn you because of heavy Fire damage for a wide range.

Mabufudyne: Can rarely freeze you because of heavy Ice damage for a wide range.

Magarudyne:   Can cause some technical burn damage because of heavy Wind damage for a wide range.

Maziodyne: Can rarely shock you because of heavy Electric damage for a wide range.

Makougaon: Can cause heavy Bless damage on a wide range.

Maeigaon: Can cause heavy Curse damage on a wide range.

Megidolaon: Can cause severe Almighty damage on a wide range.

Scepter Strike: Attack with the scepter by lunging three times.

Scepter Swipe: Striking the scepter on the ground and then swiping it.

The thunder of Cleansing: Fires a massive beam that homes in on the player by holding the panel in front of her.

Strategies to defeat False God Demiurge First Form

Here is how you can defeat the first form of the False God Demiurge:

The first thing to remember is to keep a stock of HP and SP Recovery Items. You can get these items from vending machines.

You can also get the ingredients for these items from Sophia’s Shop or real-world stores and then cook them in Joker’s Kitchen.

These kinds of consumables help with recovering when SP is very low.

The second thing to keep in mind when fighting the first form of False God is to land Debuffs. This should be your starting attack.

These can be Tarunda, Rakunda, and Sukunda.

Another very good option is the all-in-one debuff called Debilitate. You can access these debuffs from the Joker and Wolf.

The debuffs should be followed by party member buffs. You can use Tarukaja or Matarukaja, Rakukaja or Marakukaja, and Sukukaja or Masukukaja.

You can also employ the all-in-one buff called Heat Riser. You can get these buffs as Joker, Skull, and Wolf.

Curse and Bless Attacks can be very helpful as they can cause a lot of damage to the boss. You can further stagger the boss by using elemental attacks and also break their shields.

Narrow range elemental skills can also be quite helpful.

You should use a baton pass to a physical damage dealer after the boss is staggered. Then resort back to Curse and Bless attacks when the boss has the stagger shield up again.

While damaging the boss in its first form, it will unleash its unique attacks on your party.

Now let’s take a look at the strategies against unique attacks:

For the line of judgment, the best defense is to go in the gap in between the beams of a laser.

When going against the Homing beam so that you can make the boss target someplace else than before.

Against the arrows of you would need to get out of the front of the False God.

Enclosing Wings can be avoided by avoiding the laser and finding a safe spot between them. Keep moving to avoid getting hit.

When you have completely depleted the health bar of the Demiurge it is going to evolve in its second form.

While doing that there will be some elemental attacks to stop further attacks. These can be dealt with as follows:

Maragidyne (Fire Attack)
Circle the area after moving backward. When the five fire pillars are released go back to the boss.

Mabufudyne (Ice Attack)
Double jump after going to the center. You have to avoid three waves by jumping each time.

Maziodyne (Elec Attack)
Keep moving after going to the center. There will be three waves of lightning attacks and in order to avoid them, move out of the targeted areas.

After the false God Demiurge has transformed into its second form, it will have some different unique attacks. But the overall strategy to fight her is the same. For the unique attacks, some tips can help you out a lot. These are as follows:

Second form Unique Attack Strategy

Scepter Strike
Double jump three times after heading to the east corner. When that is done, use air combos to counterattack the boss.

Scepter Swipe
Double jump simultaneously in order to dodge back and forth swipe attacks. Then use air combos.

That is all for this guide. This is how you can take out the False God Demiurge in Persona Striker 5.

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