How To Farm Money In Persona 5 Tactica 

You need lots of money in Persona 5 tactica to do things and the best way to get it is to farm it. Here is how to do it.

Acquiring substantial amounts of money in Persona 5 Tactica is crucial, as you will need it for everything. While the traditional grinding methods can be time-consuming, there are strategic approaches to boost your earning potential significantly. Whether you’re aiming to unlock trophies, acquire powerful Personas, or simply enhance your overall gameplay experience, you will need to farm money in Persona Tactica.

There are several things you can do to that end. We have written this guide outlining the most effective way to do so.

Team Composition 

Building an exceptional team is the key to quick farming as it allows swift movement across the battlefield. This allows you to execute devastating All-Out Attacks and complete a 7-10 turn mission in just two turns. 

The ideal team composition for this purpose would be as follows: 

  • Yusuke: Equip Yusuke with Stop & Go, God-Like Speed, Speed Master, and Auto-Masuku 
  • Ryuji: Equip Ryuji with Stop & Go and God-Like Speed 
  • Morgana: Equip Morgana with Stop & Go and God-Like Speed 

Persona Fusion 

Focus on further optimizing your farming strategy by fusing personas with abilities to amplify your gains. Consider the following Personas and their fusion recipes: 

Ganesha (Easy Money and Treasure Hunter) 

  • Fuse Yaksini and Sandman to get Pisaca (carrying over Treasure Hunter) 
  • Fuse Pisaca and King Frost to get Valkyrie (carrying over Treasure Hunter) 
  • Fuse Valkyrie and Serasvati to get Ganesha (carrying over Treasure Hunter) 

Easy money increases money gained at the end of the battle, while Treasure Hunter increases money gains substantially.  

Choose the Right Level 

right level to farm money in Persona 5 Tactica

“Mission 43: Path to God-A” in the fourth kingdom is recommended efficient money farming. Usually, this mission takes 7-10 turns, but it can be completed in just 2 turns with the right strategy. This will speed up the process and allow you to farm lots of money in Persona 5 Tactica in a quarter of the time compared to doing it conventionally.

Strategy to farm money in Persona 5 Tactica  

Turn 1: 

  • Move Yusuke up the ladder to the right and position him behind the nut for cover. 
  • Shoot the barrel straight ahead with Toshiro to clear the path 
  • Move Ryuji to the back of the map, one block away from the nut in the middle for cover 
  • Move Morgana through the gap created by exploding the barrel and shoot the enemy that’s out of the cover 
  • Perform an All-Out Attack by positioning Morgana one square away (diagonally) from the explosive barrel near the ladder 
  • Move Ryuji to the corner of the map and shoot up the enemy, aiming to hit the barrel and send the enemy flying down 
  • Move Yusuke to the far left of the area and end the turn. 

Turn 2: 

  • Move Yusuke straight ahead, jump over the next platform, stand on the top left square near the dash pad overlooking the alley with enemies 
  • Run Ryuji through the alley, use Zio/Zionga/Ziodyne on exposed enemies, triggering a “Once More” 
  • Move Ryuji to the back right corner of the map and wait 
  • Make Toshiro shoot at the Revenger to drag it towards him 
  • Move Morgana down the ladder and into a position to shoot at and down the Revenger triggering a “Once More” 
  • Move Morgana back through the original hole and position him in the square below 
  • Initiate an All-Out Attack to defeat the remaining enemies and complete the mission 

Get a Level 23 Sandman and Level 51 Ganesha to grind money quick! These are formidable personas that will make your endeavor faster and more efficient. With these personas, you can grind the process repeatedly and farm money in a short time.

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