Best Endgame Personas In Persona 5 Tactica 

The challenge significantly jumps up in the endgame in Persona 5 tactica where you need to properly make your choice.

Persona 5 Tactica offers the return of many iconic personas from the series and additional new ones. These are useful as you go because they can provide your protagonist with certain buffs. As the game goes on, you’ll unlock more and more personas that get progressively stronger. In the endgame, Persona 5 Tactica becomes challenging and you need to select the best personas here.

So you need to know which of these are the best ones to make an informed choice. Here are some of the best late-game personas we have found so far that can pop out your build.

Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro

satanael endgame persona in persona 5 tactica

Starting off, we have the DLC persona about whom everybody has been talking about. It comes with various benefits such as a tanky HP, insane Gun Damage, and a much higher SP. Izanagi-no-Okami has the Goddess’s Embrace unique passive, which can benefit greatly during battle. 

Here are the stats for this persona: 

  • 266 HP 
  • 170 SP 
  • 52 Melee Damage 
  • 60 Gun Damage 
  • Goddess’s Embrace: greatly restores HP and SP at the end of the turn. 


Next up, we have the Satanael Persona. This is the last form of Arsene, the starting persona, and now it comes as a Late-Game persona in Persona 5 Tactica. It has the highest HP and SP out of all the personas in the base game along with the highest melee damage. Here are the stats: 

  • 264 HP 
  • 169 SP 
  • 100 Melee Damage 
  • 44 Gun Damage 
  • Auto-Riser: automatic Heat Riser at the commencement of battle 

You can get it by fusing the following personas: 

  • Anzu 
  • Satan 
  • Ishtar 
  • Lucifer 
  • Michael 


lucifer endgame persona in persona 5 tactica

Lucifer can be best thought of as the jack-of-all-trades or personas in this case. This persona can deal devastating damage while providing a solid defense. Here are the stats for this end-game persona.

  • 264 HP 
  • 160 SP 
  • 84 Melee Damage 
  • 44 Gun Damage 
  • Torrent of Magic: The damage will increase with each subsequent skill attack. 

The fusion of the following personas can provide you with Lucifer:

  • Anata 
  • Anubis 
  • Michael 
  • Metatron 
  • Trumpeter 
  • Satan 


Ongyo-ki earns his position in the top 5 due to his Regenerate 3 unique passive. This skill will allow you to focus less on healing spells, thus making turns more effective. This persona can also work out greatly with a gun-focused build. Here are the stats associated with it: 

  • 264 HP 
  • 144 SP 
  • 68 Melee Damage 
  • 68 Gun Damage 
  • Regenerate 3; recover HP greatly at the end of each turn 

Ongyo-ki can be obtained through the fusion of the following personas; 

  • Kin-ki 
  • Fuu-ki 
  • Suu-ki 

Chi You

chi you endgame persona in persona 5 tactica

Although Chi You has greater stats than Ongyo-ki, it still has its place under the Ongyo-ki persona. The reason is that this persona can prove to be a team player, just without the healing effects. This persona does offer healing in the form of Angelic Instincts, but it requires the target to be dead. Regenerate 3 will recover HP regardless that the enemy was defeated or not. 

  • 256 HP 
  • 168 SP 
  • 80 Melee Damage 
  • 48 Gun Damage 
  • Angelic Instinct: After defeating the target, 30% HP will be restored. 

The following personas can be fused to get Chi You: 

  • White Rider 
  • Thor 
  • Yoshitsune 
  • Cu Chulainn 
  • Hecatoncheires 


The Yoshitsune endgame persona was specifically designed to keep you alive in Persona 5 Tactica. The unique passive of this persona increases the movement of your character. The stats are also healthy, thus nominating this persona among the best ones. 

  • 232 HP 
  • 144 SP 
  • 96 Melee Damage 
  • 56 Gun Damage 
  • God-like speed: Increases movement by 1 square

The following personas can be fused to obtain Yoshitsune:

  • Arahabaki 
  • Futsunushi 
  • Okuninushi 
  • Shiki-Ouji 
  • Yatagarasu 


The Metatron is our favorite due to its wide ranged AoE based unique passive. You can use this character against enemies who show weakness to Almighty damage. The impact area is quite widespread, so you must properly position this persona in a battlefield. 

  • 256 HP 
  • 160 SP 
  • 48 Melee Damage 
  • 48 Gun Damage 
  • Megidolaon: AoE attack, heavy Almighty damage to enemies in a large area 

The fusion of the following personas will result in the yield of Metatron:

  • Dominion 
  • Melchizedek 
  • Prinicipality 
  • Power 
  • Michael 
  • Sandalphon 


Michael is the death bringer in a level playing field with little cover to defend one. The unique passive of this one will significantly increase the damage you deal to enemies who are not covered. 

  • 200 HP 
  • 120 SP 
  • 64 Melee Damage 
  • 44 Gun Damage 
  • Fool’s Reckoning: increases damage dealt to enemies, not in any cover. 
  • Here is the list of personas you can fuse to create Michael; 
  • Gabriel 
  • Uriel 
  • Raphael 
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