Persona 5 Strikers Best Characters Guide

Persona 5 Strikers has been released and we have made a Best Characters guide to let you know which characters...

Persona 5 Strikers has been released and we have made a Best Characters guide to let you know which characters are always a great choice for your party. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Persona 5 Strikers Best Characters

The Following are characters in P5 Strikers that we recommend using whenever they’re available.


Queen’s Persona, Joanna, can be a part of any party composition because of her increased Technical damage against Shock, Freeze or Burn inflicted enemies.


Panther’s Persona is Carmen, who has attacks that are fire-based and can help you a great deal with shadows weak against fire. However, she is of no use against enemies whose weakness is not fire, so swap her out only in sections with no fire enemies. You can clear areas in no time with this Character.


Fox’s Persona is Goemon, who has Ice-based abilities. These abilities come in handy in the Sendai Jail, which is the second main dungeon of the game. Lamia, Belis, Jail King Nightmare Angi, ¾ mini-bosses, Orthrus and most of the enemies in the area will be weak against Ice-based attacks.


Sophia can access Bless and Recovery Skills and can contribute towards the attack of the party as well. She is extremely versatile because of her both attacking and healing contributions.

She can be a part of any team and contributes towards the team, whether it’s through her Bless and Recovery Skills or through her incredible attack range against multiple waves of enemies.


Of course, the protagonist has to make this list! Joker is flexible and can fit in any team due to his Persona’s ability to call upon various attributes. Joker is quick, has high attack speed and a wide range, and can cover his weak spots.

Due to cycling through his current Persona and an amazing kit, he is a very strong character throughout the game and can easily close out battles

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