Persona 5 Strikers Beginner’s Guide

In this Persona 5 Strikers Beginner's Guide we have tips and tricks to get you started with this new and slightly different P5.

The Persona 5 story continues with Persona 5 Strikers! In this Persona 5 Strikers Beginner’s Guide for both returning thieves and hopeful new thieves just now picking up on the Persona hype we have tips and tricks to get you started with this new adventure. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the guide.

Persona 5 Strikers Beginner’s Guide

Persona 5 Strikers does a lot of things differently, especially with its new real-time “Musou” style combat. So, while players of the original RPG may find similar elements, a lot has changed.

Let’s take a look at some of the things beginners need to keep in mind when getting into Persona 5 Strikers with the help of this Persona 5 Strikers Beginner’s Guide.

Talk to everyone

Persona has always offered players tons of stuff to do and people to meet. It shines best in the writing of its characters, so make sure you spare no one.

Often NPCs who you can talk to will have a bubble on their heads. Go see what they have to say; they may have tips, requests, additional quests or bonuses to offer you.

Furthermore, the investigation sections have you attempting to get the percentages up to 100% to move onto the next section. There are two ways to do this: either talk to every available NPCs or find out from a store.


Every changing day brings about different NPC interactions, and some of the requests and quests are miss-able.

Also, in some sections, there will be items for sale by some NPCs. They will be cheaper to buy here on sale rather than moving on to the next section and having to use Sophia’s shops to buy them.

Sophia’s Weapons and Armor Requests

Talking about NPC requests, Sophia will have Weapons and Armor Requests. These are absolutely worth your while, so don’t miss any. Often going from jail to jail, you’ll need better equipment and doing these requests will unlock more things to buy from her shops.

Mask drop rate perk

Having this perk ensures an increased chance of masks dropping. Through this, you won’t only be improving your Persona Inventory but also enable yourself to get much more Persona Points over time.

Don’t trust the AI for healing

That’s right, although they may do a just okay job of it, they are sloppy. So, if one of your characters is near death, instead of hoping for the AI to automatically provide healing, switch to a character with healing abilities and do it yourself.

Don’t forget you can press the summon button while the switching animation is playing. This is beneficial, as you’ll find below.

Summoning Stops Time

You are doing a lot in Persona 5 Strikers, and often, all the different skills you are using during the fast-paced action can be quite difficult to manage.

Thankfully we have the summon menu for that. When this menu is open, time completely pauses and you can judge and make your moves accordingly. This makes the game more technical as well as providing you some room to breathe.

Switch up characters

While everyone has their favorites, it is best to judge your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses in each part/Jail of the game and decide your party accordingly.

Each character has their own affinity, study and get familiar with them to get the most out of the combat system of the game and your Persona 5 thieves.

Don’t sell all of your junk

There is a lot of stuff you can get in Persona. There are many quests that give you lots of different rewards.

You will be tempted to sell all the different sorts of junk you acquire at Sophia’s shop for some quick cash. But Kuon’s junk requests can be done over and over and offer much larger payouts than what Sophia offers for your items.

So, it may just be worthwhile to hold onto items in-case Kuon has an order out for them.

Haru’s C2

Haru is quite an overlooked character in the game, and well, we can’t blame players for that. But Haru possesses a massive damage dealing skill and that too at range.

From range, Haru has three charge attacks which can be extended by holding the special button. This ensures a whirlwind attack and is great to hit enemies from range. During the charging if she is hit, the attack is canceled though.


Don’t worry about getting the perfect ending, there is only one ending for the game no matter what you do.

Treasure and Loot Respawning

Yes, unlike Persona 5, loot and treasure boxes restock once you have left the area. So, if you are low on cash, just pop back into an already visited jail and search for the same loot areas you looted before and more loot would have spawned.  

Safety Mode

Safety mode is the easiest mode of the game; it has essentially replaced the easy difficulty name.

Persona Inherit Skills

You can perform Persona Fusion, and the fused Personas inherit skills. Although in some combinations, some skills may not be inherited as well.

Early Game Personas

Mokoi and Pixie should be your go-to personas early game; they have some useful skills as well as being easy to find.

The Combat

The new combat isn’t turn-based as the previous game, although as we mentioned, you can bring up the summon menu for a breather. The environment is also intractable in fights, meaning you can use your surroundings to your advantage.

You can take up to 4 characters in your party for an outing, know your enemy and scan for their weaknesses and then decide on the best approach and party to take.

With multiple enemies on screen, you should switch targets often and prioritize not being ganged up.

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