Persona 5 Royal Exams Answers Guide

Quizzes and Exams are tough, aren’t they? We can’t help you out in any of your real exams, but our Persona 5 Royal Exams Answers guide will make you ace all the exams and tests that Persona 5 Royal will throw at you.

Persona 5 Royal Exams Answers

Every question answered correctly gives a small bonus to your knowledge stats and acing an exam will help boost your charm. You’ll also receive a reward from Sojiro back at Leblanc if you talk to him after your exam results are posted.

To be top of the class, you would need to ace every exam and your Knowledge should be max. This can’t be done in your first play through because you just can’t get your knowledge high enough in time for your first exam, you have to start a new game+ which retains all your stats from the previous play through to achieve the Top of the class achievement.

Sometimes you get asked questions to test your general knowledge, any days with more than one question to be answered is a day of an exam.

All of the Exam answers are listed below and the numbering behind them is of the Day of the specific moth they are asked in.


12th: Villains
19th: They’re the same
23rd: All of them
27th: Four color theorem
30th: Wonder, Child, A prodigy


  • 6th: Fatal woman
  • 10th: The Heian period
  • 16th: The placebo effect
  • 19th: Katsushika Hokusai
  • 21st: 1:1.414
  • 23rd: Senses coming together
  • 26th: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • 31st: John Silver


  • 4th: The halo effect
  • 7th: The number of legs
  • 8th: Controlling public thought
  • 13th: Green
  • 15th: Coins
  • 23rd: A Pope
  • 27th: Dogs
  • 29th: Gold


  • 1st: Barbarian’s Head
  • 4th: Julius and Augustus
  • 9th: A triangle
  • 11th: Long-term memories, Infinite, Forever
  • 12th: Thievery



Question 1: 64
Question 2 (essay): Zhuge Liang, Barbarians’ heads, To offer them instead of heads


Question 1: Red king crab
Question 2: It caused confusion in the economy


Question 1: Raining cats and dogs
Question 2: Demon Guts


  • 3rd: Prosperity
  • 6th: Chronostasis
  • 14th: Money loans for collateral
  • 17th: Cats eating human tongues
  • 21st: Central Europe
  • 24th: 20 white, 12 black
  • 28th: Phantom, Vibration, Syndrome
  • 29th: Imperial Household Agency


  • 3rd: Stars
  • 6th: Joseph-Ignace Guillotin
  • 11th: Bouba



Question 1: 32 surfaces
Question 2 (essay): It used to be one colour, Black and white picture


Question 1: Charles-Henri Sanson
Question 2: It’s a hereditary profession


Question 1: Slave labor
Question 2: 3 bees in all of Europe

  • 22nd: 15
  • 24th: Memory bias


  • 2nd: A share of stolen goods
  • 4th: A sword
  • 8th: Any age
  • 10th: Crow eyes are hard to see
  • 12th: Because the voice is synthetic
  • 14th: Because of high altitude
  • 15th: His head was put on display
  • 17th: Cochleoid

December – Exams


Question 1: D
Question 2 (essay): Over one billion yen, having his head displayed, Public performance


Question 1: Hearts
Question 2: Attend


Question 1: Japan
Question 2: Dreadnought


  • 11th (helping Ann): How numerous they are, The Eight Million Gods
  • 14th: Iwate
  • 18th: Impressive
  • 21st: A snake
  • 24th: Kind-hearted, Negative, Resentful
  • 27th: To friends of friends of friends

Boy, do we wish we had an answer sheet in real life but we have to make do with this one for Persona 5 Royal.

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