How To Defeat Chivalrous Guard Oni In Persona 5

One mini-boss you encounter in Persona 5 Royal is the Chivalrous Guard Oni. This is a Shadow having the Persona of Oni, which was also...

One mini-boss you encounter in Persona 5 Royal is the Chivalrous Guard Oni. This is a Shadow having the Persona of Oni, which was also included in the previous version of the game (Persona 5).

You will encounter two of the Oni while perusing the Kaneshiro Palace’s first infiltration, i.e., Bank infiltration. They will guard the room you will reach after the end of the cut scene. You cannot progress further until you have defeated these beastly shadows.

The Oni Persona is from the Strength Arcana and utilizes many potent innate skills to take down its enemies. You may get it as your own Persona in the Third Place or Mementos.

This comprehensive guide will inform you about Oni’s weaknesses, strengths, and ways to defeat it in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Oni weaknesses

The Chivalrous Guards have no physical or gun attack weaknesses, so these types of attacks against them will deal no substantial damage.

  • Use Elemental attacks: Instead of using physical or gunshot attacks, try using a lot of elemental attacks at the mini-boss while encountering them.
  • Use Status Conditions: Status conditions come in handy while fighting these beasts. These status conditions can be lifesavers as they cause more significant damage to the Guards.

Tips to defeat Oni in Persona 5 Royal

You will need to follow various attacks and techniques to take down the Persona 5 Royal Chivalrous Guard Oni, and we have stated them below.

Use debuffing skills

You should start the fight with attacks that cause the enemies to debuff. When the Oni are debuffed, you can deal more than usual damage to them as their defense power will be lowered. The skills like Marakunda will help you in doing so.

You can also use the Tarunda skill of Panther to decrease the Oni’s attack power if you have him in your Persona 5 team, luckily.

Try inflicting status conditions

As mentioned earlier, the Oni have no particular physical or gun weaknesses. However, inflicting the psychological status conditions such as Down, Burn, and Freeze will inflict permanent or long-term damage to these enemies. You will get the upper hand on the Oni throughout your fight in Persona 5 Royal.

You can use Nuke+Wind skills for Burn status, Physical+Nuke skills for Freeze status, and physical+Nuke skills for Shock status.

Try inflicting status ailments

While status conditions are pretty helpful for the fight, Status Ailments for attacking the Oni can also come in handy during the fight.

These ailments include Rage, Fear, and Sleep. The Sleep status ailment is particularly useful against the Chivalrous Guards and provides a decent chance of critical attack in Persona 5.

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