How to Level Up Fast In Persona 4 Golden

Due to the length of Persona 4 Golden, regardless of what the players do, they will be near the maximum...

Due to the length of Persona 4 Golden, regardless of what the players do, they will be near the maximum level by the end of P4 Golden. However, if you’re still looking for ways to level up fast, this is where the problem comes in.

The most common way to level up is by grinding dungeons, gaining experience, and leveling up. But it can get tiring after a while. Fortunately, better ways exist to help you gain those precious levels faster than the game will let you.

Following are the best ways that you can use to improve your Persona 4 Golden leveling process and gain levels quickly. 

Farm Golden Hands For Quick Leveling

While battling within the dungeons, players encounter special enemies known as Golden Hands, which can give you massive experience and earning money

Initially disguised as shadows, golden hands will appear at certain points of the dungeon, remaining still. However, their motionless state will change when the player spots them within a split second since they will flee.

This should prompt the player to chase after them since they’re quick, so it will require them to catch up with the Golden Hands. Catching them is easy since they do not change their directions while fleeing.

If these hands bump into a wall, they’ll bounce off in different directions. Here, the play must use the Golden Hand to run into them. Once you defeat a Golden Hand in P4 Golden, you will get money and XP. 

How to Defeat the Golden Hands in Persona 4 Golden

The Treasure/Golden hands have no specific weaknesses and are immune to instant kill attacks. You should align your attacks as follows:

  1. Increase the party’s critical rate in the beginning.
  2. Use physical skills to land a critical hit.
  3. Execute an all-out attack.

Another thing to remember while hunting Golden Hands is prioritizing wands in Shuffle Time since it helps increase the XP. This is why it pairs up well enough with the Golden Hands, making it a pretty effective combo and allowing players to level up quickly.

Best Place to Level Up Fast in Persona 4

The fifth dungeon, Secret Laboratory, is the best place where players can find an endless supply of Golden Hands while grinding to level up in Persona 4.

Once you’ve reached the sixth floor, you’ll see that this area has a set layout. You have to make your way forward until you reach the first left. Now, players will face three shadows, though it is obvious that out of the three, only one will be a Golden Hand. They’ll flee in their separate corridor, meaning you can only chase one at a time. So, your probability of chasing the right shadow is 1/3.

However, worry not since you can restart the process by going back up the stairs and chasing a different shadow instead. This process is tedious, but its effectiveness is far superior compared to the other options to farm experience for leveling in P4.

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