Persona 4 Golden Shu Social Link Choices Guide

This guide will help players level up social link with Shu, the Tower arcana and guide through all the correct choices in Persona 4 Golden.

In Persona 4 Golden, The Social link of the Tower arcana is associated with Shu. Therefore, to rank up the social link of the Tower, players need to unlock and rank up their bond with Shu Nakajima.

This Persona 4 Golden Shu social link guide will discuss everything players need to know about finding Shu’s social link and ranking it up.

Who is Shu Nakajima?

Shu Nakajima in Persona 4 is a middle school boy and is facing many issues in his life. His biggest fear in the Persona 4 is disappointing his mother with his bad scores in school. 

Shu is traumatized by the fear of scoring poorly and has to suffer bullying. Players can find him on weekdays at the bus stop south of the Shopping district. The protagonist in the game thus can take up the role of her tutor. After reaching understanding level 5, players can become Shu’s tutor to increase their bond with him.

As players help him with his studies, their bond increases and players get points according to the responses they give as a tutor, and this is how the social link ranks up.

In P4 Golden, to unlock Shu’s Social link players must first reach Social Skill Understanding Level 5. The understanding level can be increased by doing a Part time job with the Origami Crane. Players can work in a daycare center, but either of them requires Understanding to start.

Once players reach Understanding LV 5, they can start Persona 4 Golden Shu’s social link. This can be started on May 25th as players apply for a part-time tutor job. All this will happen at the bus stop south of the Shopping District. This will allow players to spend more time with Shu, increasing their bond. However, players can only teach him on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

However, players should never forget to at least equip one person with the Tower arcana. Having the persona of the Tower arcana will help players give the right responses to Shu’s questions and, therefore, will help him earn more points and level up faster.

Unfortunately, at the start of P4 Golden, players are not allowed to go out at night and, therefore, can’t work part-time as tutors. However, later the player finally gets into this job; the protagonist will earn 10000 yen, and also a point that leads towards Expression.

Once players have started the social link with Shu, they need to rank it up to get the perks. Here players need to try to match the persona of the Arcana tower when going to teach Shu and thus give him the best responses to get the most points.

Here is the complete list of all the responses at different ranks of Shu’a social link in Persona 4 and what points players will get for each response in order to rank up the Shu social link and max it out:

Rank 1

The social link starts from Rank 1. Here the responses don’t have much value, and they won’t get players a lot of points, so there’s nothing to worry about if anything goes wrong.

Shu’s Statement: If I think you’re inadequate, I’ll have you replaced immediately. Remember that.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Nice to meet you.00
Don’t worry about me.00
Wow, you’re a little prick.00

You feel confident that you should teach him:

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)

Rank 2

Shu’s Statement: If I get into a good college… Am I really ‘set’?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Of course00
I don’t know.00
I don’t think so.00

Shu’s Statement: Do you know what that means?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Sure I do.+2+1
No, what?00

Shu’s Statement: Huh… Time’s already up. We were still in the middle of that last question.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Wait until next time.00
I” ll stay and help you.+2+1

Rank 3

Shu’s Statement: What do you think of your school?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
It’s fun.00
It’s strict.+2+1
It’s boring.+3+2

Shu’s Statement: ……

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
I’m a transfer student, too.00
Well, it is the countryside.+3+2
Make friends with him.00

Rank 4

Shu’s Statement: They don’t get what it means to learn at all.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
That’s just how it is.+2+1
That’s not true.00

Shu’s Statement: That place…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
It’s the law.00
You don’t have to go.00
You’re not the only one.+3+2

Rank 5

Shu’s Statement: Is there any bullying at your school?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Yes, there is.00
No, there isn’t.+2+1
Not that I know of…00

Shu’s Statement: Maybe that’s not the same thing as bullying.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Just ignore them.00
Put some effort into it.00
Leave it to me+3+2

Shu’s Statement: It seems that I’ve been talking to you about things that really aren’t relevant to my studies…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
It’s not like you.+2+1
I don’t mind.+2+1

Rank 6

Shu’s Statement:  *Sigh*

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Were they a pain in the ass?00
Didn’t you join in?00

Shu’s Statement: …They’re all stupid.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
You’re just at that age.00
That’s not true.00

Rank 7

Shu’s Statement: I wish I was a genius.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Work hard, and you can be.00
You already are one00

Shu’s Statement: Let’s change the subject to something else. What’s up?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
The other day at school…00
The other day on TV, I saw..+2+1
What I like in a girl is…+3+2

Rank 8

Shu’s Statement: Is it possible for anyone to be all those things? Do you know anyone like that?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
I do.00
This guy.+3+2

Shu’s Statement: Every time I have that dream, the person gets one car closer to me.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
You must be tired.00
You must be possessed.00

Shu suddenly looks tormented.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Ask him what he’s worried about+2+1
Cheer him up+3+2

Rank 9

Shu’s Statement: Today…is my birthday, I forgot…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Happy birthday.00
Don’t forget next time.00

Shu looks sad…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Have a grand celebration00
Have a modest celebration00

Shu’s Statement: Only one place springs to mind…

ResponsePoints (WPoints (W/O)

Shu begins to cry again.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Comfort him00
Kindly reason with him00
Sternly scold him00

Rank 10

Shu’s Statement: Thank you for recognizing… ‘me.’ I wouldn’t have been able to talk to Mom if you hadn’t.

ResponsePoints WPoints (W/O)
I am proud of you.+3+3
No, it’s all you.+3+3

In P4 Golden, players gain more power as they form bonds, try different personas, and learn new skills. As players rank up their social links with Shu, this will allow them to get the Test Results item. Once they reach the maximum rank, this will further allow players to unlock Persona 4’s most powerful fusion which is Shiva.

Shiva in Persona 4 can only be fused at Level 8. It has a mind charge that can boost its magic damage and also has a skill than can insta-kill the enemies.

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