How To Find The Library In Persona 4 Golden 

Studying at the library is a great way to increase your Knowledge and Social Links in Persona 4 Golden so let us help you find this place.

Whether you’re struggling to build up your social links or increase your knowledge stats, visiting the Library can help players tackle all of these problems in Persona 4 Golden. However, if you are confused about this area’s location or wondering what other benefits you can reap from the Library, then you are at the right place.

In this guide, we will do a full breakdown of the Library in P4 Golden, including where you can find it and how you can increase your stats by spending your time at the library in Persona 4. 

How to find the Library in Persona 4

Yasogami High School is one of the major locations in Persona 4, where players can pursue many social links that are most of their classmates. The Library you’re looking for is also located in the same high school, so head towards this location to find it. 

When inside the school, they must travel to the classroom building and head to its second floor. Your classroom is also on the second floor so must have known by now complete details about that building in Persona 4.

Outside of your classroom (2-2) if you go toward the other side of the hallway you will find the Library. Another easy way to spot the library is to look for the shy blue-haired girl. She is always standing next to the library door.

At the library, players can spend their time increasing a wide variety of stats and building social links. Sometimes you can even find Yosuke outside the library door in P4 Golden. 


Benefits of studying at the library

There are a wide variety of benefits that the players can exploit by spending their time at the Library in Persona 4. While spending time at the library studying, the main thing that increases is your Knowledge stat. This stat will help you progress in the game.

However, before taking full advantage of this location, ensure you get your hands on the book, “Expert Study Methods,” from the town’s shopping center. After players have gone through this book, they will experience an increase in the amount of Knowledge players gain each time they study in the Library.

Secondly, it is worth noting that if players study at the Library during the rainy days, it will grant them double the amount of Knowledge gained compared to a normal study session. 

Additionally, if you’re struggling with social links at your school, you could invite them to the Library and have a study session with them. Not only will this add a few points to your social link, but it will also award you with bonus Knowledge points. 

Pairing all these benefits together will help to increase your Knowledge stat quickly enough and help you catch up with the rest of your stats in Persona 4.

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