How To Change Difficulty In Persona 4 Golden

The following guide will tell you how to change the difficulty settings in Persona 4 Golden and the difficulty level changes.

Persona 4 Golden balances the game for experienced and new players by providing them with five difficulty levels to choose from at the start of their journey.

Some players indulge in the game to experience the story and enjoy bashing enemies with ease. However, some hardcore players love to test their skills and opt for the highest-grade enemies in Persona 4.

In Persona 4 Golden, you can tip off the game’s balance in your favor by changing the difficulty to very easy. Otherwise, go for challenging difficulty and display your strength and power to your enemies.

This guide will provide information on how to change difficulty in Persona 4 Golden and what differences exist within each level of difficulty.

How to change difficulty in Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden adds two new difficulty levels that make the game either very easy or very hard. The difficulty level names were also changed.

The good thing about Persona 4 Golden is that you can change the difficulty levels during your playthrough if you have the Steam version of the game.

If you start on the very easy difficulty level and find the game boring, you do not have to finish the game to create a new one. You can just go to difficulty settings and change to whatever level you feel like playing.

P4G New Game Plus

The NewGame plus allows you to enjoy the five difficulty levels in Persona 4. You can create custom difficulty levels and select each component value according to your own will. To change the difficulty level in Persona 4, you must follow the following steps.

  • Head to your System and select Change Difficulty.
  • Select the setting according to your own will
  • Press ok to save the changes

You will see six tabs on your screen in the difficulty level screen. Use E to scroll right and Q to scroll left to change the difficulties. You can customize the setting by using the current setting tab.

This is how you can change the difficulty level in Persona 4 Golden to enjoy the game.

Persona 4 Golden difficulty settings explained

There are a total of six components that impacts your difficulty in P4 Golden, and with change difficulty, these particular items change.

Damage Taken
This particular aspect measures how much damage is inflicted by enemies on a single hit on you. It is beneficial to take minor damage from them as the difficulty rises in Persona 4 Golden; the damage from the enemies increases in the game.

Additionally, there are three modifications for this particular aspect. You receive the highest damage at Great, the least damage at small, and a balance exists at Normal level.

Damage Given
This component measures the amount of damage dealt by your hits. You want to inflict as much as possible every time.

However, increasing Persona 4 difficulty reduces your damage output, and you have to land more shots to bring down the enemies. Your shots will do maximum damage if set to Great and least by having Small. Moreover, a Normal setting means a balance.

Experience won
The experience is a crucial aspect of Persona 4. It controls how fast you level up in the game and obtains different items or resources to bash down the enemies. Earning more EXP after every battle or hurdle is the objective for every player.

In P4 Golden, three different levels of experience are earned after battle. You can have substantial experience if the value is set at More, and you will get the Least if it’s less. Additionally, at Normal value, you will earn between the two levels.

Money won
Money is the ultimate resource in Persona 4 Golden, ensuring you get everything you need to bring down the enemies to their knees.

You want to earn more money and improve your character. However, you can make more money if its value is set at More, but if it’s Low, then you need to grind the game to come out on top.

The Normal level for this component pays you between More and Low values.

Retries in dungeons
This option means you can retry in Dungeon if you fail the first time. It is simple to understand as you can only use it or don’t use it in Persona 4. It all depends on the difficulty level.

Retries in battle
If you fail in battle and want to retry, this value needs to be set to use. Making it very easy for you to unleash your power again and win the battle.

However, with the difficulty differences in P4 Golden, the value will be set at not use as you increase your difficulty levels. So it all depends on how you want to play the game.

Persona 4 Golden difficulty level differences

Difficulty LevelDamage ReceivedDamage DealtExperience EarnedMoney EarnedBattle RetryDungeon Retry
Very EasyLowestHighestHighestHighestAllowedAllowed
EasyLowHighHighHighAllowedNot Allowed
NormalNormalNormalNormalNormalAllowedNot Allowed
HardHighLowLowLowAllowedNot Allowed
Very HardHighestLowestLowestLowestNot AllowedNot Allowed

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