How To Get Juzumaru Katana In Persona 3

One of the side quests in Persona 3 that you get from Theodore asks you to find Juzumaru katana and return it to Theodore for reward...

Once you start playing the game, you will notice some side quests appearing in Persona 3. These side quests are not crucial to the game, but completing them will reward you with some gifts. One of the side quests is getting the Persona 3 Juzumaru katana and returning it to Theodore.

It might take some time to get Juzumaru, but with the guide below, your time will be significantly reduced, as we have provided some tips and alternate methods to get this katana.

Persona 3 Juzumaru location

Getting this Juzumaru katana is part of Velvet Room requests that you can undertake for either Elizabeth or Theodore. In this quest, Theodore (or Elizabeth) asks you to get katana for him from Thebel. After school, you must go to the Velvet Room to meet Theodore.

Theodore mentioned that the katana is in Thebel, so you do not have to roam around the city looking for it. Head over to the Thebel, which is the first block of Tartarus. Tartarus has over 200 floors; finding it will require a bit of time. Juzumaru katana will be in a rare golden wooden chest in Thebel block of P3 Portable.

But don’t worry, completing this quest has no deadline, so find it whenever you got time. The first block of Tartarus crawling with weak shadows, so you must deal with them while searching for the katana.

These shadows are easier to beat, and even if you have taken damage, head over to the nurse’s office for healing.

How to get the Juzumaru katana

As we mentioned, the Juzumaru katana will be inside the rare chest, but you will not always find the chest. As you do not know the exact location of the chest, so you must start from the first floor and work your way over to the top.

This method seems time-consuming and unreliable, so there are other methods for finding this weapon. The first method is that sometimes during the day, Mitsuru will tell that Tartarus is unstable today in Persona 3. Take this opportunity and head to the first block because it means you have a higher chance of finding the katana.

Make sure to level up your character before heading for Juzumaru because if you are at a higher level than those shadows in Tartarus, they will fear you and run away. It means you will search for katana carefree. 

There are specific floors where mostly the rare chest appears, so instead of searching the whole block, search these specific floors. These floors are 4 and 11, so go through these floors from time to time, and you will eventually find the Katana in Persona 3 Portable.

There is also a slight chance of getting Juzumaru from the shuffle time. Shuffle time is a reward when you take out all enemies in one go or take down an enemy in one hit. Doing these will reward you with a set of cards with rewards in them.

There is a very low chance that the Juzumaru will be in card level 2. Once you find the weapon, head back to the Velvet Room, and hand the weapon over to Theodore. As a reward, Theodore will give you Magi, which is a fire skill in Persona 3.

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