How To Make Jack Frost With Dia In Persona 3

Persona 3 Portable has a lot of side quests that come your way from Velvet Room's inhabitants. Some of them...

Persona 3 Portable has a lot of side quests that come your way from Velvet Room’s inhabitants. Some of them are truly bizarre and some teaches you the core mechanics of the game. Creating Persona 3 Jack Frost with Dia ability is the 6th Velvet Room side quest that becomes available on 10th May and has no deadline.

Making Jack Frost with Dia in Persona 3 Portable

This is one of the easier quests to do and will make you understand how skill cards work during the persona fusion process. While the quest description might be confusing, all it asks of you is to create a Jack Frost persona with the Dia skill. So as long as you know the correct fusion recipes, you can easily complete this request.

The steps to creating Jack Frost with Dia in Persona 3 Portable are simple and laid down below for you

  • Go to the velvet room and accept the quest.
  • Capture or fuse Pixie. Pixie can easily be captured from the first block of Tartarus.
  • Capture or fuse Unicorn. Unicorn can be fused using pixie or easily be captured from first block of Tartarus.
  • Defeat some shadows using Pixie to upgrade it to level 4. It will unlock Dia skill for Pixie.
  • Go back to the Velvet Room and fuse Pixie and Unicorn.
  • Use the Dia skill card from Pixie on the skill selection menu when fusing.
  • Jack Frost will inherit the Dia skill from Pixie.

Talk to Elizabeth to complete this side quest and earn your reward.

Completing the request rewards you with Battle Panties (Armor). This is a very short quest and can be completed at any time during the game. We recommend you do it as soon as it becomes available to understand how the inheritance of skills works in Persona 3 Portable.

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