How To Find And Water The Flowers In Persona 3

All the requests from the Elizabeth are significant, and you should not miss any of them. Persona 3 Go and Water flowers is one...

Persona 3 Go and Water flowers is one of the many Elizabeth requests you can complete for a reward. All the requests from the attendants are significant, and you should not miss any of them.

Some of these requests are easy to fulfill, while some test your skills and abilities and take them to their limit. In our guide, you will learn how to Find and Water the Flowers. This is one of the easy requests which you can complete in Persona 3 Portable.

How to find and water the Flowers in Persona 3 Portable

This quest to water the flower in P3P is accessible on the 11th of May, and there is no fixed deadline to submit this one.

Although watering some flowers seems to be a straightforward task, there is a catch to the request. Most players consider that they have to water the flowers that are obvious to their sight before the sitting man. However, this is not the actual case.

To find the flowers to water, do exactly as follows:

  • Head straight to the Gekkoukan High School’s roof.
  • Now you will see a set of flowers right between the benches. Those are not your destination flowers.
  • There will be a healthy student sitting on the other set of benches.
  • You will find your desired flowers right behind this student. You have to water these flowers.

Reward for watering the Flowers in Persona 3

Now that you have watered the flowers, you can head back to the Velvet Room where you need to talk to Elizabeth to get your reward to water the flowers in Persona 3. The reward that you are going to get is the Maid Outfit for Mitsuru.

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