Persona 3 Endings Guide

Persona 3 is a massive JRPG that takes around 100 hours to finish. Persona 3 Portable has two endings based...

Persona 3 is a massive JRPG that takes around 100 hours to finish. Persona 3 Portable has two endings based on the decisions you make. Unlike its modern successors, Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden, there are zero chances of messing up the endings as it all boils down to accepting or rejecting one offer on New Year’s Eve.

Spoiler Alert: From this point forward, there will be spoilers regarding both the endings and the fate of a major character. If you are still early in the game, we recommend that you bookmark this page and come back later when your progress is nearing December 31st.

How to unlock all Persona 3 endings

The main event that will trigger the different endings in P3P happens on New Year’s Eve. You will be asked to either kill or spare Ryuji, one of the main characters in the game. Ryuji will tell you that he is the harbinger of doom and avatar of Nyx.

On confronting him, he will ask you to kill him. What happens next depends on what you choose. There is no other trigger for different endings. Do whatever you want in the game to this point as it will have no effect on the outcome.

Bad ending

Ryuji will tell you that killing him will make you forget everything that has happened up to that point including your bonds with your friends and the time you have spent in Tartarus. But it won’t stop the calamity that has yet to befall you.

If you kill Ryuji, the game will come to a sudden end with time being forwarded to your graduation day in March. MC and their friends seem to have forgotten everything and look really happy not knowing about the impending doom.

The screen goes black implying the death of everyone but at least everyone will be spared the pain of knowing. This is a bittersweet ending but still worth a watch on a separate save file.

Persona 3 Portable true ending

If the player decides to spare Ryuji, he will show his true form and ask MC to reconsider their decision. If MC stands by their decision, the game will continue as normal into the month of January. You will get another month to strengthen your social bonds and complete the final level of Tartarus which will now be opened.

The last boss of Persona 3 won’t appear before 31st January, but we still recommend that you complete the rest of the Tartarus in the meantime. To reach Nyx, you will have to go through a lot of difficult bosses. Once you defeat Nyx, the calamity will be averted. And you will continue your life normally with Ryuji alive as your friend.

There is a minor variation to this ending in New Game+ of Persona 3. If MC is in a romantic relationship with a character from SEES, they will witness a slightly different version with different dialogues in the true ending. There is nothing to worry as this is the exact same ending.

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