Persona 3 Best Outfits And How To Get Them

In Persona 3, you fight enemies and look good by wearing some of the best available outfits in the game. To find these outfits you need to...

Persona 3 is not all about fighting enemies; it also involves having friendships and relationships with other characters, hanging out with them, and looking the best by wearing some of the best outfits.

Different characters in the game have various costumes and outfits that they usually wear throughout the gameplay. There are two types of outfits in Persona 3. The first type of clothes/outfits change the character’s appearance; the others do not. In this guide, you will learn about Persona 3’s best outfits and how to get them. There are two types of outfits in Persona 3. The first type of clothes/outfits change the character’s appearance; the others do not. We are discussing the ones that do affect how a character looks.

Summer and Winter outfits

Every character in Persona 3 has a collection of Summer outfits, except Koromaru, Aigis, and Shinjiro.

Similarly, each character has Winter outfits, except those like Koromaru, Shinjiro Aigis, and Junpei.

You can get all the Summer and Winter outfits by completing various side quests in the game and receiving the outfits as a reward. Most of these quests are Elizabeth’s requests from the Velvet Room, and you will get the rewards as clothes/ costumes after fulfilling her requests.


Tuxedos are outfits that every male character in Persona 3 can wear. The only exception here is the male MC.

Head to the Police Station and meet with Officer Kurosawa in Paulownia Mall. He sells equipment like weapons, accessories, and other game items. You can buy Tuxedo from him.

Maid Outfits

Different female characters have special Maid outfits associated with them. Maid outfits are rewards for the ‘retrieve item’ quests in the game.

You can get beautiful maid dresses for Yukari and Mitsuru as a reward after completing Elizabeth’s request #83 in Persona 3.


Swimsuits are special outfits made exclusively for swimming purposes in Persona 3. They can become available once you have completed the Yakushima trip on the Beach.

Swimsuits are pretty expensive in the game for some reason. You can buy one Swim Suit for 300,000 Yen. Be on the lookout for Sale Day (Monday) and buy the swimsuits for discounted prices. Go to the police store to buy the swimsuits.

Shirt of Chivalry

Shirt of Chivalry is an exclusive costume/outfit for males, without including the character Koromaru.

You can get this outfit by completing a quest early in the game. In addition, you may have a chance of obtaining it in Tartarus in rare items.

Battle Panties

These exclusive female panties are wearable for every female character except Aigis.

Like the Shirt of Chivalry, you can obtain Battle Panties as a reward for completing an early game side quest or be found in Tartarus’s list of rare items.

Santa Suits

Every female character in Persona 3 wears a Santa Suit, except the female Protagonist. These Santa outfits are made available when you are near the end of Persona 3.

With Persona 3 Reloaded just around the corner, we expect to see more cool outfit options for the remake.

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