Persona 3 August Events Guide

August in Persona 3 Portable is your summer vacations but that doesn't mean there aren't any major events to progress the story.

After a difficult time through July and a lot of exams in Persona 3 Portable, summer vacations are officially here. You won’t go to school during the month of August in Persona 3 (or do you) so no more quizzes and exams. Full moon night is fast approaching, and the Persona 3 Portable August boss can be a headache if not tackled properly.

Persona 3 August events

Being a pretty laid-back month, August in P3 Portable doesn’t contain any classes so you will mainly be spending the month in Tartarus or doing Elizabeth’s Requests in the Velvet Room. August also presents a great opportunity to increase your social links and stats.

1st August (8/1)

Last day of training.

3rd August (8/3)

Very important. You can start a new social rank today with Momuro. Head to Wild deck Burger. Courage stat needs to be at least Tough for this link to start.

4th August (8/4)

Last day for side quest number 66.

Pick up requests numbered 18, 19 and 20. Head to Tartarus and try to reach floor 89 in Ybbashah block. You will obtain document number 4 from this floor. Save the stranded citizens from floors 69 and 83.

Accept rewards from Elizabeth for completing requests 18, 19 and 20.

6th August (8/6)

Full moon operation. Bosses for this night are Chariot and Justice found beneath an abandoned military facility. It is a level 31 fight so upgrade your party accordingly. Recommended team for this August fight is MC, Aigis, Yukari and Akihiko.

These bosses appear as one and then split into two halfway through the fight. Both can take massive damage from magic attacks. These bosses can revive each other so take their health down together.

7th August (8/7)

More side quests are available in the velvet room. Death social link will increase to rank 5.

8th August (8/8)

New floors are available on the third block in Tartarus. Koromaru joins the party as an active member.

9th August (8/9)

Koromaru can now be taken for walks at night.

10th – 15th August (8/10 – 8/15)

Summer classes. No time slots are available either day or night. Go to the 4th floor again on 15th August to access another funny video

16th August (8/16)

Visit the shrine at night for some extra dialogue.

17th August (8/17)

The film festival starts today. From 17th to 23rd August, one of your social links will call you to go to the movies with them. We highly recommend doing this and don’t deny any calls.

  1. Kenji. Boosts courage. (8/17)
  2. Bebe. Boosts academics. (8/18)
  3. Keisuke. Boosts charm. (8/19)
  4. Yuko. Boosts courage. (8/21)
  5. Kazuchi. Boosts courage. (8/22)
  6. Chihiro. Boosts charm. (8/23). Take out Koromaru tonight to meet Bunkichi.

24th August (8/24)

You can now ask SEES members to go to the movies with you. You can do it in any particular order, but we recommend doing this with all of your active social links to improve stats (this doesn’t improve your social link stats). If you are unsure about which ones to call, follow this order.

  1. Yukari. Boosts academics (8/24)
  2. Akihiko. Boosts courage (8/25)
  3. Koromaru. Boosts courage (8/26)
  4. Junpei. Boosts charm (8/27)
  5. Aigis. Boosts academics (8/28)
  6. Fuuka. Boosts charm (8/29)
  7. Mitsuru. Boosts academics (8/30)
  8. Ken. Boosts courage. (8/31)

And with this, a particularly slow and uneventful month comes to an end. You get a much-deserved rest from studies and shadows, and increase your stats by a huge margin. Make sure to follow our previous months’ guides to unlock social links and take full advantage of the month of August.

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