Payday 3 Touch The Sky Blue Keycard Location

Find the Blue Keycard to disable the security cameras during the heist.

To complete the Touch the Sky Stealth heist in Payday 3, you need the Blue Keycard to disable several security cameras that are watching every corner of the penthouse.

While exploring the penthouse during the heist, you are likely to come by a Security Camera Room. There is a guard inside who is watching all of the cameras placed inside the penthouse.

If you are going into this mission in Stealth mode, we recommend you get the Blue Keycard, access the security office, and take out the guards watching over everything.

By doing this, you will avoid getting spotted by the cameras, and you won’t attract any unnecessary attention.

How to get the Touch the Sky Blue Keycard in Payday 3

The Touch the Sky Blue Keycard can be found on a guard in Payday 3 who is always patrolling the upper levels of the penthouse.

Make your way to the upper floors and spot the lonesome guard making his checks. While guard formations tend to vary from player to player, we found him alone.

Sneak your way behind him and lift the Touch the Sky Blue Keycard off him in Payday 3. You can also knock him out and lift the Blue Keycard from his body.

One of the guards has the Blue Keycard in the Touch the Sky heist.

Once you have your hands on the Blue Keycard in Payday 3, make haste to the Security Camera Room which can be randomly generated either upstairs or downstairs.

In our playthrough, though, the Security Camera Room downstairs, on the left side of the penthouse. This can be different for you.

Be careful when entering the Security Camera Room because there is a guard inside. Sneak in and knock him out before checking the surveillance cameras.

Remember that you can mark guards through security cameras to watch their movements in Payday 3. When you are done, disable all of the security cameras to get them off your back while you are busy looting the penthouse vault.

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