Payday 3: No Rest For The Wicked Stealth Guide

Rob the SCB vault before anyone can alert the authorities.

The first heist that you will be stealth-ing in Payday 3 is No Rest for the Wicked. You will be heading for New York City where a small bank named SCB has captured your attention. Its bank vault holds riches, including a few safety deposit boxes that are ripe for the picking.

Despite being the first heist of Payday 3, completing No Rest for the Wicked in stealth is not easy at all. You will need a foolproof plan as well as the right gear.

Remember that you can always blow off some steam by doing No Rest for the Wicked in Loud. That will give you a sense of the bank layout as well, which should make your stealth run a bit easier.

How to complete No Rest for the Wicked in Stealth for Payday 3

If this is your first time attempting the heist or are yet to unlock all of the weapons, the only thing you need to stealth No Rest for the Wicked is a secondary silenced weapon such as the Signature 40. This pistol comes with your default loadout and is fully capable of finishing the job.

We, however, recommend gearing up with our best stealth build in Payday 3. Pairing the right stealth skills for bonus effects is what gives you a tactical advantage.

When you enter the bank as a civilian, spend some time scouting the whole area, familiarizing yourself with the layout, and remembering every security camera location.


Take note of the guards and their patrolling routes as well. No Rest for the Wicked will have about five guards inside the bank, but this may increase if you are playing on a higher or overkill difficulty.

Turn off the power to the vault

Once you’ve scanned the bank of any threats it is advised to enter the bank’s premises and make your way towards the left side of the counters where you’ll find the cash counter door.

Lockpick the door and enter the small counter room where you’ll find the circuit breaker that provides power to the magnetic doors of the vault.

Interact with it and turn off the power to the vault. Just make sure no one sees you as you’ll be playing the No Rest for the Wicked in Stealth.

Once the power has been cut off, the vault doors will lose power, Exit the counter room and make your way toward the right side of the counters in the bank where you’ll find a private area and two objectives will be prompted: Find the Power Room and Disable the security systems.

Find the Power Room

Your next objective will be to turn off the power to the gate. This will be done through the Power Room and is a necessary objective to complete No Rest for the Wicked in Stealth. 

The Power Room can be found in two locations. The first one is located on the first floor while the latter is on the second, but each is found to the right just as you exit the stairwell.

However, to gain access to the power room you must find a Red Keycard on a guard in the bank.

When you find the switch, all you must do is interact with it and turn it off, but make sure that no guards are observing you.

Get the QR Code (Overkill difficulty only)

If you are playing No Rest for the Wicked Stealth in Overkill difficulty in Payday 3, the entire stairwell be off-limits. You are going to need a QR Code from the Manager’s Office which is located in the IT Room.

Get the Red Keycard to disable the Security Systems

Next up, you must disable the bank’s Security System. To do that, you have to access the Power Room using a Red Keycard.

The No Rest for the Wicked Red Keycard can be found hanging on the belts of one of the two guards patrolling the two floors of the bank. One of them will have a Red Keycard and the other will have the Blue Keycard.

While the Blue Keycard unlocks the camera room and lets you disable the cameras, the Red Keycard is the one we want in No Rest for the Wicked in Stealth.

When you steal from the respective guard, head to the Power Room and hack the computer inside. It only takes a few seconds, after which you will notice a screen highlighted that reads “Cable Controller”.

Upon interacting with this screen will show you a unique colored shape. We strongly advise you to remember it because you are going to need it later on at the end of your Stealth run in Payday 3. 

This is also randomly generated for each playthrough, so you need to pay extra attention.

Get the Blue Keycard to disable the Cameras (optional)

Disabling the security systems means that you are halfway through the No Rest for the Wicked Stealth heist in Payday 3. While it is optional, we recommend acquiring the Blue Keycard and disabling the cameras to give you more freedom to move around.

The No Rest for the Wicked Blue Keycard can be found respective of the Red Keycard, either with the guard on the first floor or the second floor. Pickpocket the Blue Keycard from the guard and make your way toward the security room on the second floor

Interact with the door and take down the guard watching over the cameras. Make sure to answer the radio after you’ve taken down the guard to avoid suspicion.

Flip the right switches to open the gate

Now that you know what the colored shape looks like, you can unlock the gate to the vault. You will need to flip a switch to open the gate, which can be found right next to the gate itself.

Select the correct colored shape on the Payday 3 No Rest for the Wicked switches that were displayed on the computer in the power.

If you remember the correct shape, you can open the main gate.

This is found toward the left just as you step off the first floor’s stairs. Open up the box and find the respective switch that matches the symbol you just saw in the Security Room to open the gate.

Get the No Rest for the Wicked vault codes

After opening the gate, you are going to face a highly secured vault containing the loot. The bank vault can only be opened by scanning the Executive Manager’s face to get the vault access codes.

The Executive Manager can be found in his office next to the IT room, next to the office on the second floor, or in the main lobby. He won’t be happy to oblige, so you’ll have to use him as a human shield and drag him over to the vault.

Make sure that no one else sees you while doing that though – it would be best to take down anyone that may see you beforehand.

When all is done, shove the executive’s face into the scanner. After the scan is complete, the vault codes will be sent to the manager’s office. Head into his office and take a look at the codes on his computer, which will be displayed in the top left corner of your screen later.

Since the vault can only be opened with a 4-digit code, you’ll be presented with four combinations of vault codes. Only one of those is the right one though.

You can eliminate the wrong ones by shining a UV light over the keypad to reveal fingerprints. Eliminate the codes that have the numbers not marked by a fingerprint on the keypad and you’ll be left with the right one soon enough.

Find the Executive’s Deposit Box (optional)

Looting the Executive’s Deposit Box is another optional objective that you complete for extra loot in the No Rest of the Wicked stealth heist.

You will not have this optional objective from the start. You will have to unlock it by making your way to the Manager’s Office on the right side of the first-floor lobby and investigating the papers on the desk.

After getting the objective, we recommend narrowing down your search to the right deposit box, or else you will have to search through several of them after entering the bank vault.

Whether you are playing No Rest for the Wicked in stealth or loud, you need to go to the second-floor office and investigate the papers there.

Now when you enter the vault, the Executive’s Deposit Box will be highlighted as shown in the image below. Grab the loot inside before making your escape.

Disable the dye packs and loot the vault

Right as the vault door opens, the dye pack timer on the money bags sets off. These are dangerous because if they explode, they ink the money and render it useless.

If you are fast enough, you may be able to save about five or six of the bags by disabling the dye packs on them. 

Hence, we strongly recommend bringing a friend in co-op when doing No Rest for the Wicked in Stealth in Payday 3. You will be able to disable the dye packs quicker and loot all of the vaults. That includes the safety deposit boxes as well.


To finish the heist off, you need to carry the money bags to the getaway van and escape. Where the van can spawn is a random generation though, but if you’re lucky, it will spawn in the parking lot.

This is the safest place because there aren’t many people along the way who can be suspicious. If the van, however, spawns on the main street, then you will need to be a lot more careful with your escape.

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