Payday 3: How To Grab An Executive

An Executive in Payday 3 can help you enter the Vault area.

In Payday 3, “Grab an Executive” is an objective of the “No Rest for the Wicked” heist. It is not an easy task to do without breaking the Stealth. Once you grab an Executive, you can scan his face in the scanner and enter the Vault.

Moreover, you can open three executive deposit boxes in Payday 3, No Rest for the Wicked Heist. In this guide, I will go over how to grab an executive in Payday 3 and an alternative way to keep things stealth.

Steps to Grab an Executive in Payday 3

Grabbing an executive in Payday 3 has a few requisites that involve you completing a few tasks given below:

  • Closing curtains with the help of keys near the windows. Then later, go near the curtain to close them. This will keep you hidden inside the premises, aiding you in grabbing the executive.
  • Learning the executive’s movement pattern when you observe the executive in Payday 3. The executives follow a generic pattern involving revolving the tables split by the partition walls. The partitioning walls make up for good cover.
  • Waiting for the right moment to put on the mask and stay clenched with the partitioning walls where you are invisible to the cameras.
  • Wait for the right moment to grab an executive and use him as a human shield.
  • Traverse through the descending stairs, keeping yourself out of sight.
  • Shoot down the camera using your silenced pistol in the vault premises, then shove the executive towards the scanner.
  • Soon after a facial scan of the executive, you will hear the prompt “Access Granted.” Get inside the vault as soon as possible.

After completing the following tasks, you should try to remain hidden. You can do this by crouching, as it lowers the possibility of Police officers or civilians spotting you. Walking close to the wall helps you avoid detection by security cameras.

Another Way to keep things Stealth

This only requires you to keep yourself near the vault room. Sneak your way into the vault room and get close to the code pad. Equip the UV flashlight to know the four digits of the Vault code in Payday 3, No Rest for the Wicked.

This may sound tedious, but given that the 4 numbers are unique and not repetitive, this follows the permutative approach of the 4 pins. This equals a total of 24 different sets of pin arrangements. On each unsuccessful attempt, traverse to the back of the vault room until the code panel reset.


You will surely get the pin at most 24 attempts, maybe even before that. Push your luck to find out. After that, disarm the dye packs, bag the money, and toss it out of the Secure Area in Payday 3, No Rest for the Wicked. Check the camera at the vault by peeking at it momentarily until it turns the other way.

Move cautiously to get out of sight of Civilians and Police Officers. Then, bring your heist members inside the public area of the bank. Give them the bags and repeat this process until the vault is high and dry.

This will easily lead to your heist members walking out of the bank with all the loot and no worry. Drop the bags in the Getaway vehicle, and your Payday 3 heist is complete.

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