How To Use UV Light In Payday 3 To Guess Keypad Codes

UV light in Payday 3 can help you guess the correct code.

Shining the UV Light on Keypads in Payday 3 can shorten the struggle of guessing the correct codes. In lengthy Payday 3 heists, you will encounter dozens of locked doors with a keypad to give you access.

To unlock the doors, you must correctly enter a 4-digit code on the dial. However, with the police on your chase, you must enter the correct code on the first try. If you enter the wrong code, the keypad in Payday 3 will be locked for 1 minute before you can try again. This will be a dangerous situation where you might get encircles by the cops.

How to figure out the correct keypad code in Payday 3

The game provides the correct codes, but you must invest time in that search. It gets even more complex in the later game heists, where the game will provide multiple codes on the map, and you will not know which one is correct.

However, the game doesn’t want to put a burden on players, so that is why they provides a hint that most of the players don’t notice when they are about to use the keypad. The UV light in Payday 3 shows you the correct digits you should use as input for the keypad.

However, guessing the correct combination of the Payday 3 Keypad code is up to you. You will pen down the 4 digits with fingerprints and match them with codes you find. If the digits match, you can enter that as the correct code on the keypad.

Another thing to remember is that the UV light in Payday 3 will not necessarily indicate 4 fingerprints. It can be less sometimes, meaning you must repeat one of the digits. That is how you can easily guess the correct code if you find multiple ones during a heist.


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