How To Level Up Fast In Payday 3

Leveling Up fast in Payday 3 is important since you will get many benefits from it.

The world of Payday 3 is not easygoing, as you will be completing dangerous heists with and without your friends. Each of these heists will get tougher, so you must level up in Payday 3 and unlock weapons and additional equipment.

Furthermore, as you level up, you will unlock skill points that can be invested in certain skill trees. Gaining these skills will be crucial as you will require them mostly, and they will earn you generous rewards with each successful heist in the form of Payday 3 XP and bonuses.

You will find the leveling-up system confusing if you are relatively new to the game. Worry not, as I will explain in detail all the ways you can use to level up faster in Payday 3.

Fastest ways to level up in Payday 3

You can explore several methods if you are interested in leveling up faster. Remember that each method will increase your difficulty, so you must come prepared if you want to farm more XP to rank up. That being said, you can look at the ways I explained below.

1. Increasing your Difficulty

In Payday 3, you can earn more XP by competing in higher-difficulty settings. This factor enables you to experience more difficult challenges in terms of both opponents and operating heist missions.

However, once you get past these, the rewards also tend to increase, and so does your XP. This way, you can save time you would have to spend on less difficult settings and level up exponentially in Payday 3.


2. Playing with a Team

Playing with your Friends while engaging in difficult missions can often be fruitful. Furthermore, you can earn a nice chunk of XP and continue to farm it with each of these exploits.

This also saves you much time if you plan on going solo and increases your chances of securing victories. With each win, you will earn a bonus and XP, resulting in you farming XP quickly in Payday 3. 

3. By allocating SP (Skill Points)

In Payday 3, you must rely on different skills to survive your challenges. With each win, you will also level up and unlock new skill points. Often, unlocking some of these skills can also lead to you increasing your XP.

Allocating Skill Points on those base skills and subskills is highly advised, which can benefit you in gaining more XP in Payday 3.

4. By completing challenges

The Best way to level up in Payday 3 is by completing the challenges; as such, you will experience three different kinds of challenges. To farm XP, you must take on these challenges, including Heist, Career, and Combat. 

Heist Challenges

Amongst all three of these challenges, the heist challenges are more engaging as you simply need to beat the level on a specific difficulty. However, there are some unique ones, like using ECM Jammer and marking guards, so you can easily complete these challenges.

It is always good to check in here occasionally to see what you are close on so you can quickly grab some infamy points in Payday 3. There are also some really easy ones that you can get right off the bat, and that is by completing the tutorials.

Combat Challenges

As for the Combat challenges, a lot of these involve defeating special units like Zapper and Cloakers. Similarly, most of these missions will also require you to defeat enemies with a specific weapon.

Therefore, we recommend that whenever you unlock a new weapon, you try it for a few rounds. This can result in you completing some of the early challenges associated with them.

Career Challenges

Lastly, in terms of Career challenges, most of these won’t give you IP, but the ones involve you using a particular weapon with one mod attached. This increases the difficulty of these challenges as you will be bound with using those specific weapons. As such, every gun you acquire will come with one mod right from the beginning of Payday 3. 

Payday 3 benefits of Leveling Up Fast

This game will reward you with many benefits if you spend your time completing heists to level up faster. These rewards will be linked with your progression throughout the game, so you will eventually reap the benefits of increasing your level by farming XP in Payday 3. These include:

1. Skill Points

With each Level up, you will unlock skill points, which can then be invested into skill trees. This will enable you to gain those skills, increasing your XP and bonuses after completing each challenge.

2. Equipment

Ranking up in level allows you to unlock weapons, attachments, and gear items. Equipping these allows you to complete new challenges and gain further XP in Payday 3.

3. Challenges

Challenges will play a crucial role if you plan on leveling up faster; in some cases, certain challenges won’t be available to you from the start. To play them, you must reach specific levels to be eligible for them. This way, you can farm more XP in Payday 3.

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