Best Payday 3 Gadgets Ranked

Get to know about the sharpest tools in the shed that Payday 3 offers.

Gadgets are more than accessories in Payday 3 as with the right tool in your hand you can make or break your heist runs.

All gadgets are classified under either of the three categories, throwables, deployables, and tools. The choice depends mostly on your build, preference, playstyle, and use case scenarios but some things are always better than others no matter what.

With each providing a unique experience, here is our ranking for the best gadgets in Payday 3.

10. ECM Jammer

The ECM Jammer allows you to block out an enemy vision in the target site by temporarily slowing down cameras and radios. It is a useful tool for when you are in a pinch and need some time to make your escape.

The thing is that ECM Jammer hardly has its use because hacking into cameras and radios is pretty easy in Payday 3.

With the right skills, you can pretty much not use it at all but if you are at a low level or simply not invested in hacker-related skills then it is definitely a comfort choice for you.


9. MicroCam

MicroCam is a small camera that you can mount pretty much anywhere to peek around corners or get a bird-eye view of the whole site. These extra eyes can even mark patrolling guards and make them visible through walls.

However, it suffers from the same problem as ECM Jammer where there are hackable cameras littered across the buildings during heists that you can access. It also has a small deploying distance, making it even more niche.

You will need to understand the ins and outs of a map first before you can make good use of it like by leaving it near a passcode instead of remembering it or using it in areas where there aren’t many cameras.

8. Infrasonic Mine

Infrasonic Mine is a wide-ranged tool that releases a high-pitched sound when triggered, to stun the enemies that manage to step on it.

After placing it near entry points, just wait till enemies trigger it so you can make quick work of them while they are stunned.

The problem is that they can only be deployed at a fixed location and you are almost always on the move during a heist.

If you miss the opportunity to catch the enemy while they are still stunned, it will leave you open to enemy fire. It is great for targeting large groups and enemies but the setup is what makes them less viable.

You will need to wait till you reach Infamy Level 10 while flashbangs can be grabbed much earlier and offer more flexibility, Infrasonic Mines failed to catch up with its predecessor, despite flashbangs being one of the best gadgets in Payday 3.

7. Throwing Knife

Throwing Knife is a multi-use throwable that can either serve as a distraction or take down an enemy. If you throw it near a guard, they will abandon everything to inspect it, giving you time to move out. It can also deal damage to enemies as well as kill them on headshots after which it can be retrieved.

The only problem is that it’s not as good in action as it’s on paper. The knife will not stick with certain environments causing it to break immediately which makes it an unreliable tool for distraction.

It may not trigger any alarms but alerts the guards which makes them start searching, putting you in a tight spot. It can be good in some scenarios but needs certain skills like Retriever under the Infiltrator Skill Tree to function properly.

6. Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor marks enemies when they come in its range and highlights them on the map, making them visible even through walls. It has its moments where they can be essential to bridge the gap in your knowledge regarding the enemy’s position.

The main drawback of Motion Sensor is its incredibly short range of 3 meters which limits its already niche use.  

You can use it for keeping tabs on guard patrols or deploy them at entry points to know where the enemies are coming so you can use the heads-up to set up accordingly.

5. Flashbang Grenade

Because of its universal use, without being limited to a certain build, Flashbang is ranked higher than other throwables for our best gadgets of Payday 3 list. It obscures the enemy’s vision and movement by blinding and stunning them.

The Stun effect can be paired with the Tactician Skill set to add stat bonuses, enhanced damage, Stagger effect, piercing damage, and even more debuffs to your kit.

This makes it not only a lucrative support option but can also form the core of some unique and fun builds.

To add Flashbangs to your kit, you will have to raise your Infamy Level to 7 to unlock them.

4. Sentry Turret

Sentry Turret is one of the best gadgets in Payday 3 as it provides you with extra firepower and coverage. It takes care of everyone who stumbles within its range so deploy one in a tactical position and you won’t have to worry about looking behind again.

Despite what greatness it brings to the table, it is not without its limitations. Sentry Turret can only be unlocked through Engineer starting skill and requires heavy investment to reach its full potential.

This makes it less accessible overall which means you have to make some sacrifices elsewhere. However, with its AoE coverage and choke point control, we believe the Sentry Turret can be an excellent tool for defending loot and resisting enemy hordes.

3. Medic Bag

Health is an important aspect of this game which is why Medic Bag is so high on our best gadgets of Payday 3 list.

If it weren’t for the additive utility our best picks bring, we would put Medic Bag on top of the list. While executing heists of any nature, Loud, in Stealth, or challenging yourself with Overkill, health is crucial for survival.  

For facing your enemies head-on or dropping down a few floors to evade cameras, Medic Bag helps keep your HP up at all times.

Pair it up with Medic Skill Tree, and you can play healer or support for your team while executing heists.

2. Ammo Bag

Ammo Bag, as the name suggests, is a source of ammo which is a pretty important asset for executing heists.

Enemies can drop ammo as well but it is not a reliable source, especially in longer fights or while defending loot as you will have to enter hostile areas just to grab them.

This makes Ammo Bags one of the best gadgets in Payday 3 because not only it is a constant and dependable source of ammo but can be paired with some pretty neat skills.

Ammo Specialist Skill Tree takes full use of Ammo Bags to provide amazing perks like damage boosts, stat bonuses, increased magazine capacity, and much more. This makes Ammo Bag a core component of these offense-focused builds.

1. Armor Bag

Armor Bag is our top pick for the best gadget in Payday 3 because of the additional health and damage resistance it provides. You can also use it to replenish existing armor if you are running low.

It may not seem like much but when you are getting shot from all sides, your health bar starts dropping a little faster than you would like. Armor Bags provide additional safety that you need while you counter enemy attacks.

The great thing is that Armor Bags are available by default in Payday 3 so you don’t need to do anything extra to make use of this amazing gadget.

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