Payday 3 How To Use ECM Jammer

While not the best, the electronics-disrupting gadget has its uses.

The ECM Jammer is a unique tool in Payday 3 that can mark and disrupt any nearby electronic devices in your area during heists.

The tool is highly recommended for players who’ll be taking the stealth approach in their heists as the disruption of electronic devices such as cameras can help them stick to the shadows and remain undetected.

You need to reach level 20 infamy to unlock the ECM Jammer in Payday 3. You can easily level up by simply completing the first two or three heists, depending on how many bonus objectives you do and how many points you gain.

To equip the ECM Jammer head into your loadout menu and press on the tools menu to pop up all the tools. Select the ECM Jammers and you’ll be good to go.

How to use ECM Jammers in Payday 3

You need to, first, deploy an ECM Jammer to make it work in Payday 3. Start by holding your gadget button to equip the ECM Jammer. Notice that your cursor will now be showing a white outline on any hard surface.

When you have decided where to deploy the gadget, release your gadget button and you will throw the ECM Jammer on the same white-highlighted spot. You only get one ECM Jammer per heist, so we highly recommend carefully deciding where you want to deploy it.


Whenever you want to activate the ECM Jammer in Payday 3 to disable electronics in the area, press your gadget button again.

The default PC keybinds to using an ECM Jammer in Payday 3.

Should you use ECM Jammers in Payday 3?

Unlike the other tools such as the micro cam, the ECM Jammer is considered one of the weakest tools in the game.

This is because it only disrupts and slows down electronic devices such as cameras and radios for a short period of time instead of disabling them completely.

This isn’t all bad as you can stack up enough ECM Jammers that can provide an increased effect, especially during Overkill difficulty where player detection is quicker and can provide enough slow-down time to the electronic devices for you to escape just before getting caught.

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