Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Best Melee Class Options

Every party is made up of different types of fighters, as such, a Melee character is integral to the builds of any team in WoTR. The player on the front-line, who can take a hit and deliver some brutal attacks is paramount to securing your victory in every battle. Hence, we present you with our guide on the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Best Melee Class Options.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Best Melee Class Options

The melee classes have to be sure to be packing enough constitution, AC score, and a whole load of healing potions. They need this against the extremely aggressive enemies that make up the forces of the dark in Pathfinder WoTR.

There are also a lot of enemies who can stun or incapacitate players; hence the melee classes need to be strong enough to last while they can’t move or use their abilities.

This will allow the weaker ranged and spellcasting members of the party to not be torn apart before they can do any good on the field.

Demonslayer Ranger

This class specializes in dealing with the toughest threat to the world and to your party. This class is dual-wielding and can deal a lot of damage, especially true when buffed by allies.

Because they spend a lot of early game in cities, their favored terrain bonus activates on Urban terrains.


They get the favored enemy bonus to save against magical abilities used by demons, by taking Evil Outsider as their favored enemy.

Paladin Class

The best-equipped class to fight against demons, are without argument, the paladins. Their whole list of abilities gives them various advantages like:

  • Smite Evil: Deal major damage to demons while ignoring their resistances.
  • Lay on Hands: Gives swift healing to paladins, upgraded versions can cure negative buffs.
  • Can either take a special mount or choose to enchant their weapons to make them better.

Paladins have great AC and saves; they basically have immunity to conditions that would otherwise be lethal to several other classes. And as mentioned above, they can really heal to save their lives if need be and stay in the fight for just long enough to turn the tables.

Cavalier Class

These are riders, they can bypass movement restrictions caused by heavy armor by traveling on mounts. They can choose horses or ride beasts into battle with the Beast Rider subclass.

The Cavalier can burst onto enemy lines like a hammer. They have two main skills:

  • Challenge: Allows the Cavalier to add the enemy’s levels to their damage rolls. Especially powerful when the Cavalier gets multiple attack opportunities in one round.
  • Tactician: Cavalier can give one of their Teamwork Feats, like Outflank and Precise Strike, to all party members. This means that they won’t have to use their own abilities to get these buffs and instead can spend that energy on something else.

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