Palworld: Sulfur Mining Locations And Farming Tips

Your Pals have the right to bear arms, powered by Sulfur.

As Palworld is a survival game, having a good stock of all materials available is a good call. Sulfur is a relatively early-game material that you should be able to find easily, similar to Paldium fragments and coal.

Being essentially Pokemon with guns, sulfur is one of the most important resources you will need in Palworld. After all, mixing sulfur and charcoal together allows you to create gunpowder so you can finally ditch that bow and start using shotguns and rifles.


It would be better to carry a metal pickaxe with you so it doesn’t get damaged easily while you are mining sulfur in Palworld. The less you have to return to base to repair tools, the more efficient your sulfur farming will be. You can also use Pals like Digtoise and have them mine rocks instead of manually mining yourself.

Where to find Sulfur in Palworld

Sulfur veins pop out all over the map. However, some areas in Palworld have a high number of places where you can mine for sulfur easily. Since the mining spots are fixed and not randomly generated, you can keep returning to those areas to easily mine more sulfur and set up a farming loop.

Generally, the best places to find sulfur in Palworld are hot areas like deserts or volcanoes, but they can be difficult to survive in for low-level players. However, once you are high level you should definitely stick to those zones.

Search in the Desert

The best choice for mining locations for Sulfur in Palworld is obviously the desert region, the same area where you can find an abundance of coal. This location is the home to Anubis boss present on the North side of the map. This is just a small desert biome. There is an even bigger desert on the eastern side of the map in Palworld which should have even more sulfur available.

Even though this area is filled with Sulfur rocks, you cannot visit it at the beginning of your game due to the high temperature. If you plan to gather a lot of sulfur, make sure to have proper armor and storage space before going to the desert and mining the rocks present there.

Cinnamon Forest

Available to explore near the beginning of the game, Cinnamon Forest has some good amounts of sulfur rocks ready to be mined. If you are starting the game, visit this forest just north of the starting location, and you should be able to farm as much sulfur as you want.

Investigator’s Fork

Right in the middle of the Palworld map, you’ll find the travel point of Investigator’s Fork. All around this area and south of it, you can find some Sulfur rocks. To find these sulfur rocks in Palworld, use a flying Pal and search for yellow rocks from above.


Whenever you find a sulfure ore vein out in the wild, make sure to mark its location on the map. This way, you can return to it later, and the sulfur will have respawned, and you won’t have to run around looking for it again.

Mount Obsidian

Another location for Sulfur is Mount Obsidian. There are multiple sulfur deposits right next to the Eternal Pyre Tower, so you can simply fast-travel there, mine all the sulfur you need, and then leave. No running around involved.

Simply return again after a few hours, and the sulfur will have respawned, making Mount Obsidian one of the best places to mine Sulfur in Palworld. Do keep in mind that this is a high-level zone, so it can’t be used for early-game sulfur farming.

Explore Dungeons for Sulfur rocks

While the above locations should be enough to let you mine plenty of sulfur in Palworld if you still need some more, then look for dungeons. Dungeons can be found beside mountains, ruins, or any other secluded space.

Within these dungeons, there is a small chance of finding sulfur rocks that you can mine for resources.

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