How To Get Coal In Palworld

Gather coal to make guns.

Like every other survival game out there, to build your base and upgrade equipment in Palworld, you will need various resources like coal. Considering one of the biggest selling points of Palworld is that it’s Pokemon with guns, coal in Palworld plays a crucial role in its crafting mechanics as it is needed to make ingots.

Whether you are just starting Palworld or are somewhat high level, coal is one essential resource that you will always need to make Refined Ingots which are required in the crafting of high level weapons like shotguns and rifles.

Where to find Coal in Palworld

Since Palworld doesn’t have procedural generation, you will always find resources in the same spot, thus making farming resources like coal very easy. There are multiple spots where you will always find 2-3 coal rocks ready to be mined. Head to the following location coordinates on your map in Palworld, and you should find some coal

  • 191, -38
  • 202 , -112
  • 161, -66
  • 202, -112
  • -157, -88

The mountains in the area shown in the map below are some of the best locations to get coal early in Palworld, as they are close to the starting spawn, near the Chillet boss.

Besides these open-world spots, you can also get coal in Palworld from a number of other sources.

Dungeons are great coal locations

The first location is not a specific area but a type of location found all over the map, Dungeons. For Dungeons, you’ll need to have your eyes peeled when you are near Mountains, Isolated Islands, and Ruins of building structures.

During the early game, looking for dungeons is the best way to get coal. Even though dungeons have a limited time, you can farm multiple minerals, including coal. However, make sure to focus on the resources that cannot be found outside, much like coal, sulfur, etc, so that this time used is fruitful.

Unfortunately, Dungeons may not always be found in the same location. This is because Dungeons open and close randomly at the same place or in a new location entirely. There are multiple dungeons in one area, which gives you the opportunity to look for other dungeons if one is closed.

Desert region

Far northeast of the starting point, you’ll find a desert or sand dunes region. This desert area has coal rocks every few spaces, which makes it a good mining spot for coal. The desert is also home to other resources like High Tier Pal Oil.

Collect coal from Pal drops

Another way to farm coal is by collecting drops after a pal is defeated. The pals drop various resources depending on the region they are in and their type. There are two pals that drop coal, and those are:

  • Menasting
  • Blazamut

Both are found on the southern side of the map as well as the desert area in Palworld, making it easier to track down both and defeat them to farm coal.

How to mine Coal in Palworld?

To mine Coal, you need to have a metal pickaxe. Although the stone pickaxe does the job, the metal one is much more suitable. The stone pickaxe takes longer and gets damaged easily so it is not very efficient to farm coal in Palworld.

Also, make sure you have a spare pickaxe, so if the tool is ruined, you have a replacement for it without going back to your base. Before going out to mine coal in Palworld, make sure to have enough storage space before starting the journey.

Once you have mined enough coal, set up an assembly line where you can convert ores into ingots, which can then be used to use deadlier weapons. Your weapons factory is now all up and running.

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