Palworld: Quartz Locations

Finding Pure Quartz could never get easier than this

Knowing where to find Pure Quartz (or Quartz) in Palworld is probably the most crucial piece of information you will need in the endgame. There is one purpose for this material in this game – making Circuit boards.

Circuit Boards are the foundation of any gadget or tool in your camp that needs an electrical supply. The reason Quartz becomes crucial, especially in the endgame, is because most of your camp will be running on electricity.

Other than that, you will also be requiring a lot of Circuit Boards when making Weapons for yourself, which makes mining Quartz even more important. But where do you even find Pure Quartz in Palworld?

How to farm Quartz in Palworld

How to find Quartz in Palworld.

There are two different ways you can acquire Pure Quartz, or Quartz in general. The first is by defeating some major bosses like Frostallion Noct, Astegon, Jetragon, etc. The second way is to mine the Quartz ores, scattered across the icy regions of Palpagos Island.

The best and easiest way to get Quartz in Palworld is to mine it. Especially if you want to farm Quartz, you must know all the locations where you can find it. We do not recommend defeating bosses to get Quartz as that is an ineffective method and the process is quite daunting as well.

When it comes to mining the Quartz ores though, you have to know their differences from the Coal nodes. Coal nodes are mostly found in the desert area and are very dull in color.

Quartz nodes, on the other hand, are found in icy, mountainous areas and even though they are black, have a glass-like appearance.


You will need a pickaxe to mine Quartz nodes. A higher-level pickaxe is more efficient and does the job much faster.

There are only two locations where you can find Pure Quartz in Palworld. Remember that these locations are in the Astral Mountains (ice biome) and are at a high altitude – so make sure that you wear cold-resistant armor and preferably bring a flying mount as well.

The first Quartz field is located roughly at the coordinates: -212, 249. This is towards the south of the biome, in between the Pristine Snow Field and the Unthawable Lake Fast Trave points. More specifically, you will find it in an open area just below the Sacred Mountain Cavern entrance (level 45 dungeon). There are a total of nine Quartz ores here.

The second Quartz field is located roughly at the coordinates: -256, 392. This is somewhat near the center of the biome – southwest of the Land of Absolute Zero Fast Travel point and northeast of the Pristine Snow Field Fast Travel point. There are a total of eight Quartz nodes here.

The second location is a little bit harder to reach though, so we recommend bringing in a flying mount to access this location.

Selecting either of the two locations, you can set down your Palbox and start building a base. These are ideal locations to build bases as well, so you shouldn’t have any trouble. To mine Pure Quartz in Palworld passively, you need a Pal with the Mining Work Suitability and one with the Transport Work Suitability.

These two Pals would automatically mine Quartz ores nearby and bring the Pure Quartz back to your base. Digtoise and Reptyro would be ideal workers on this base.


A Pal with level 4 Mining and Transport Work Suitabilities would be best suited for the task.

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