Palworld: Kitsun Location (& Best Breeding Combos)

It’s found on an icy mountain but is one of the best Fire-type Pals in the game.

Bored? Try hunting for one of the rarest Pals in Palworld. Kitsun is a Fire-type Pal with blue flames that only has one spawn location on the map. Since this is a very rare spawn, the Pal does offer a lot of bonus skills that make it worth the trouble to catch.

If you’re interested in this Pal and want to add it to your Paldeck, you would require a lot of luck. Let us make that job easier for you by telling you where and how to find Kitsun in Palworld, its best breeding combos, and the stats it offers.

Where to find Kitsun in Palworld?

The Fire-type Kitsun is a very rare find in Palworld. Other than being a rare spawn, the Pal is also Nocturnal, which means that it only spawns at night and is hence even harder to spot.

Thus, getting your hands on this Pal requires a lot of luck. If you’re determined to find it, you can travel to Kitsun’s location at the tall mountain icy mountain in the northeastern portion of the map.

This is the Frostbound Mountains area, and the closest fast travel point to this location is the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance, just east of the Sibelyx Field Alpha boss.


This is a cold zone, so make sure to put on warm clothes before you set out to find Kitsun.

When you reach this location, make sure to scan the area thoroughly to find this Pal. If you can’t then we recommend leaving the area and coming back the next night.

If you are lucky enough to find a Kitsun roaming this mountain, you must first fight it and bring its HP down until it is enough to capture it. We recommend using Water elementals like Penking and Azurobe to tear its health down – but make sure to not kill it before you can capture it.

When its health is low enough, you can toss a Pal Sphere at it to capture Kitsun in Palworld. Make sure that you use a higher tier Pal Sphere like a Giga Sphere to ensure the best chances for a catch.

Another simple way of obtaining a Kitsun is to hatch it from an egg. These can only be obtained from a medium or large Scorching Egg, scattered in multiple locations across the Palpagos Island – but a Kitsun is not a guaranteed find.

How to breed Kitsun in Palworld

Perhaps the best way to find a Kitsun in Palworld is to breed it. To do that, you can try breeding the following combinations of Pals:

  • Rooby with Penking
  • Rushoar with Penking
  • Mossanda with Gumoss
  • Mossanda with Fuddler
  • Gumos with Nitewing
  • Tanzee with Nitewing
  • Celaray with Arsox

Best breeding combos for Kitsun in Palworld

Aside from being a perfect base worker and travel partner, Kitsun is a potential candidate for a lot of breeding combinations in the game. Some of the best combos to try are:

Parent 1Parent 2Child
KitsunPyrin NoctElphidran

Kitsun weaknesses and stats

Like all Fire pals in Palworld, Kitsun is weak to Water elementals. It will show slight resistance during your attempt to capture it. So, it’s better to consider bringing your best Water-type pals to swiftly win the brief combat.

The base stats this pal offers are not half-bad, especially if we look at its shot attack and sprinting speed.

Crafting Speed100
Melee Attack70
Shot Attack115
Running Speed700
Sprinting Speed900
Slow Walk Speed80

Kitsun Skills

Being such a rare Pal, Kitsun offers some of the best skills you can get to make it worth the trouble catching. Its Partner Skill, Clear Mind, ignores the need to wear appropriate clothes as it negates environmental temperature effects.


To craft a Kitsun saddle, you need 25x Leather, 15x Flame Organs, 20x Paldium Fragments, 10x and Cloth.

As far as Kitsun’s Passive Abilities go, they are mostly concerned with movement speed or attack/defense like Swift, Runner, and Legend. Its Active Skills are the real ones to consider though, with selections like Spirit Flame, Flare Storm, and Daring Flames because these are very effective skills.

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