Palworld: Fenglope Location (& Best Breeding Combos)

Get your hands on one of the best mounts in the game.

If you’re having trouble moving around the harsh terrain of Palworld and need a good mount, Fenglope is a suitable option. With the help of its Partner Skill “Wind and Clouds”, it can double jump while mounted.

While you hunt for most Pals randomly in the wild, you need to think outside of the box when finding Fenglope in Palwolrd. This is because, unlike the rest of the creatures, this Pal is very well hidden, despite being an Alpha Boss.

Though the lower-level version of Fenglope can be found fairly easily, Its location as an Alpha boss can be quite misleading, as most players have failed to find Fenglope even after following the map. Let us show you the exact location of Fenglope and teach you how to breed it in Palworld.

Where to find Fenglope in Palworld?

There are two locations where you can find Fenglope in Palworld. The first is a bit easier and spawns lower-level Fenglopes while the other yields an Alpha boss, and hence a higher-level catch. Unlike the rest of the Alpha bosses, this one is hidden behind a waterfall.

The boss’s location is fairly in the center of Palpagos Island. It is in a mineshaft behind a waterfall that feeds most of the streams crossing the central island. This mineshaft is called the Falls Mineshaft and is located at coordinates -249 and -434 (marked on the image above with an arrow).


Fenglope can also be hatched from a Common Egg. You can find different types of eggs throughout the Palworld map.

The closest fast travel point to Fenglope’s location is the Ascetic Falls, which is just east of it. When you reach this waterfall, head inside and continue through the tunnel until you reach the Falls Mineshaft and start the boss fight against Fenglope.

How to catch Fenglope 

This is a level 25 boss, so we recommend bringing in level 25 or higher Pals for this fight, along with the best weapons you have.

Although it is a Natural-type Pal, Fenglope begins its fight with two Water-type moves – Aqua Gun and Acid Rain. By the end of the fight, the boss will surround itself with a field and try to take you down quickly.

If you have higher-tier Pals though, then this boss fight shouldn’t be much of a trouble. When the boss’s health is low enough, throw your trusty Pal Sphere at it to catch Fenglope in Palworld.


There is a bug with the Fenglope Alpha boss in which you will notice that the health bar is there but the boss is not spawning. If this happens, try exiting the cave and then returning to it – or aggroing the boss.

If that doesn’t work either, clear out the campsite nearby, fly up as high as you can, and then go back into the mineshaft.

The other location where you can find a Fenglope is at the western edge of the map – in the Volcanic biome (circle). The closest fast travel point to this location is Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue.

Finding a Fenglope here mostly depends on your luck, but it isn’t a very rare Pal either. If you find one here, you can catch it the same way.


You will need a saddle to mount Fenglope in Palworld. To craft it, you require 30x Leather, 30x Fiber, 20x Ingot, 40x Paldium Fragment, and 20x Cloth.

How to breed Fenglope in Palworld

Perhaps the best way to get a Fenglope in Palworld is to breed it. To do that, you can try breeding the following combinations of Pals:

  • Lifmunk with Penking
  • Vixy with Penking
  • Cinnamoth with Lamball
  • Cinnamoth with Cattiva
  • Mazzarina with Direhowl
  • Melpaca with Direhowl
  • Celaray with Gobfin

Best breeding combos for Fenglope in Palworld

Fenglope can be bred with other pals to produce the desired offspring in the game. Below are the best breeding combos for this pal:

Parent 1Parent 2Child

Fenglope weaknesses and stats

Being a Neutral-type, Fenglope shows weakness towards Dark elemental attacks. So, we recommend bringing your best Dark-type pals in this combat.

Right after capturing it, you will notice that Fenglope possesses pretty impressive base stats.

Crafting Speed100
Melee Attack110
Shot Attack110
Running Speed750
Sprinting Speed1050
Slow Walk Speed85
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