How To Respec In Palworld

Respec your character stats for the perfect build. 

While progressing in the Palworld, if you think you have made a mistake while improving your stats, you can respec them. However, you cannot do it early in the game. You must reach level 43 before you can craft the item needed to respec stats in Palworld. This guide will provide step-by-step details to reset your character and Pal’s stats.

How to reset character stats in Palworld

Memory Reset Drug is the potion you will need if you want to respec your character stats in Palworld. You can only craft it at the Electric Medicine Workbench, which can be unlocked at level 43 by spending 3 Technology points.

After unlocking this workbench in Palworld, you must build it at your base using the following resources.

  • 40x Refined Ingots: Crafted in a Furnace using Coal
  • 10x Circuit Boards: Crafted using Pure Quartz
  • 20x Carbon Fibers: Obtained from Pals

Once you have built the Electric Medicine Workbench at your base, you can craft the required potion. Memory Reset Drug requires many resources, so it is better to start gathering them if you haven’t reached level 43 yet. These are the resources you will need:

  • 99x Beautiful Flowers
  • 50x Horns
  • 50x Bones
  • 50x Pal Fluids

When you have the required resources, head to the Electric Medicine Workbench and craft the potion. Use it, and it will set all your stats to zero. Now you can again respec your stats in Palworld as you want. There is a chance that you can find the Memory Reset Drug by opening a chest. However, only chests that require Silver Key can get you this item.


An important thing to note is that the respec system in Palworld is currently bugged. Developers are working to fix it, so avoid using it until you get the developers’ confirmation. If you still use it, your catching power in Palworld may get lower, and you must start over again.

How to reset Pal stats

If you want to reset your Pals’ stats, you can do this by building a Statue of Power. You can unlock it after reaching level 6 and build it using the following resources.

Once you have the Statue of Power, you can either reset your Pals to get back Pal Souls or level up stats in Palworld. To reset Pals, interact with Statue and enter the Reset tab to select the Pal you want to reset. Simply clicking the Reset button will do the job if you have the required amount of Gold. Farm some Gold if you want to use this Statue.

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